Burnette receives DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lanna Burnette, a student at Exeter High School, was recently presented with the school’s highest agricultural honor — the DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award, sponsored by Monsanto Company.


Burnette, the daughter of Tim Burnette and Becky Coffey, received the award for excellence in academics, leadership and agricultural work experience. Burnette’s significant experiences and accomplishments have included placement in canine production, and ownership in fruit and vegetable production. Joe Moore is Burnette’s agricultural education instructor at Exeter High School.

This year, the award celebrated its 70th anniversary. Over seven decades, more than 168,000 high school seniors from across the country have received the award, which has become a symbol for excellence and recognized as the school’s highest agricultural honor.

As the winner of the 2017 award, Burnette’s name will be recorded on a permanent plaque displayed at Exeter High School.

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