Sales tax in August sees dip

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cassville, Monett drops drive county numbers down

Sales tax disbursements to Barry County governments dropped in August, almost predictably after a double digit spike in July.

Receipts to four of the seven cities collecting sales tax dropped, including the two biggest ones, Monett and Cassville. Consequently, revenues dropped by 16 percent.

Cassville, whose receipts have been up five times in eight months, saw its 1 percent sales tax for general bills yield $62,139.30, down $2,706.75. Seligman, with receipts splitting evenly, saw its 1 percent tax yield $9,441.96, up $1,492.14 for a two-month streak. Washburn, where receipts have outpaced 2016 only three times this year, saw its 1 percent tax generate $1,334.15, up $246.40. Wheaton, with the same track record, had its 1 percent tax produce $1,432.19, a drop of $665.38 from a year ago. Exeter, up four times this year, received $1,529.20 from its 1 percent general fund tax, a margin drop of $95.19 from last August.

Monett was largely responsible for the dip in numbers. The two sales taxes totaling 1 percent that pay into the general fund produced $107,722.68, down $37,942.27 or 26 percent from a year ago, the lowest August payment since 2007. The five-month fiscal year tally reached $810,284.68, up nearly $15,500 from a year ago, a new record pace.

The 2017 sum for Monett’s general fund reached $1,301,044.18, an eight-month record, ahead $43,000 or 3 percent from last year’s pace.

Purdy’s 1 percent tax for general bills edged last August by $505, bringing in $4,543.04. The amount, except for last year, was the lowest August disbursement since 2007. Purdy’s receipts have been up in five of the last eight months, inching the 2017 total of $42,687.79 a little over $1,200 ahead of last year.

Barry County’s two half percent taxes each produced almost $149,650, both down by $4,710 from a year ago. Receipts have been up in only four of eight months.

The sales tax supporting 911 services in Barry County produced $112,194.06 in August, down $3,445.98. The 2017 sum is nonetheless up by more than $32,400.

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