Alleged Yonkerville Store burglar captured in Monett

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Jonesburg man facing felonies in Barry, Lawrence counties

A Jonesburg man is charged with multiple felonies after allegedly burglarizing the Yonkerville Store and Friendly Supply in Pierce City.

Joshua Clifton, 29, of Jonesburg, is facing charges of second-degree burglary and stealing in Lawrence County, and second-degree burglary, second-degree property damage and stealing in Barry County.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Det. Robert Evenson, with the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, on Aug. 8 between 3:42 and 7:18 a.m., Clifton allegedly broke the glass door of the Yonkerville Store with a rock and stole at least $27 in scratch-off lottery tickets and $300 in cigarettes. The incident was captured on the store’s video surveillance.

On Aug. 10, Evenson and Det. Doug Henry received an anonymous tip the suspect was named “Josh” and was staying at a home in Monett. Through assistance of the Monett Police and Missouri Highway Patrol, it was determined Clifton was driving a red Volkswagen Jetta.

The detectives went to the residence Clifton was supposedly staying and found a Jetta in the driveway. Evenson talked to the homeowner for a short time, who said she did not know where Clifton was. Evenson asked for permission to search the house, and another person said he would have Clifton come out to the porch.

Henry was watching the back of the residence and saw Clifton flee from the back through alleys and yards, making it about four blocks before Henry and Evenson captured him.

“He told us he ran because of the stupid things drugs made him do and because he had some warrants,” Evenson said in the report.

Clifton allegedly refused to tell police his identifying information, such as name and date of birth, but later gave it when a Monett officer told him that he would be put in jail, fingerprinted and charged with obstruction.

Clifton has a warrant issued for his arrest on Aug. 8. According to a probable cause statement filed by Thomas Misner, officer with the Pierce City Police Department, Clifton allegedly entered the back door of Friendly Supply on Main Street and took $1,500 from the cash register and a chainsaw worth about $200. Clifton allegedly told another man, who police later interviewed, that he broke into the hardware store and stole the chainsaw.

Clifton is being held in the Barry County jail on a $25,000 bond. He has been arraigned, and a disposition hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in the courtroom of Judge Robert Foulke. No bond has been set in Lawrence County yet.

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