Purdy City Council to push for annexation

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

City leaders say county commission ignored request

Purdy aldermen plan to circulate a petition in town asking the Barry County Commission to take action on the city council’s request to annex the right of way to Business Highway 37 south of the city.

City council members requested permission to annex the highway right-of-way in November 2015. The Missouri Department of Transportation provided legal descriptions and information was sent to affected landowners. City Clerk Debbie Redshaw said 20 potentially impacted property owners have expressed support for the plan.

The proposal would not impact adjacent property owners by making them subject to city ordinances. Locating city land next to their properties, however, would make them eligible to annex into the city if interested.

The roads would extend the city limits signs both north and south. On the north end of the city, annexing the Business 37 loop from the exit off Highway 37 to the city limits would add approximately a quarter-mile of road. The city's south city limits ends south of the Ramey Supermarket. Taking in 1.5 miles of Farm Road 1080 from the city limits south would extend the city's boundaries to where the highway intersects with Highway 37. On Highway 37 itself, the city limits to the north begins south of the Business 37 turnoff and ends at a driveway south of RM Industries. The addition of all the right-of-ways would give a football-shaped outline to the city east of the railroad tracks.

Mayor Bo Prock said four adjacent property owners, including Mike Bennett, who owns the Eagle Logistics trucking company, have expressed interest in annexing into the city immediately. Annexation would offer police protection for the business.

The holdup appears to be the Barry County Commission refuses to consider the city’s annexation proposal. Aldermen agreed to personally circulate the petition in favor of the annexation around to city residents. They would take the document to the county commission, requesting a meeting and action on the proposal.

“I’m no longer OK with this,” Prock told aldermen. “We are being bullied because two people don’t want this to happen.”

According to city officials, the two opponents are longtime businessmen Jerry White and Bill Roller.

“We want to talk to the commissioners and see what they say,” Prock said. “A simple majority seems to not be enough. [The opponents] are against it because they just don’t like it. I don’t think the two should stop the 20.”

"We were going to get together with the parties involved and those who were unfavorable to it," Warren said. "Then, they had an election and members of the city council changed. To my knowledge, we have not sat down and visited with them. We're always open to talk to anybody. They don't need a petition to sit down and visit with us."

The county commission meets from 9 a.m. to noon on Mondays and Thursdays at the historic courthouse in Cassville.

Annexation appears to carry little additional obligations. Adjacent residents have expressed interest in joining the city to secure water service. Prock said the state abandoned Business Highway 37 inside the city limits, leaving it to the city to maintain. If the highway to the south entered the city, Prock said the city would maintain it as well.

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