Purdy picks Dresslaer as coach

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Tyler Keeler and the Purdy basketball team will adjust to new leadership this season in Head Coach Jeremy Dresslaer. Jared Lankford/sports@cassville-democrat.com

Clever alum tops list of applicants

Vision, enthusiasm and a workable plan led the Purdy school district to name Jeremy Dresslaer the new boys basketball coach at Purdy High School.

“We felt confidence in the plan that Jeremy laid out in his interview,” said Alan Spencer, Purdy athletic director. “He has enthusiasm and a strong belief in teaching fundamentals. That lined up with what we were looking for in our next coach.”


Spencer said the district’s top three priorities were: fundamentals, dedication and enthusiasm.

“There is an old adage about two kinds of coaches,” Spencer said. “There are those that coach, but don’t live in the town and those that live in the town and coach. We see Jeremy moving here and becoming a part of Purdy, and that was appealing to us. Anyone can coach great athletes. We want him to be able to make average players good and help everyone on the team improve.”

Dresslaer prepped at Clever High School, graduating in 2010. He played at William Jewell and Westminster in college before obtaining his education degree from Missouri State University.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to come and coach at Purdy,” Dresslaer said. “I’m familiar with the program and the fact that Purdy has several blue-collar type athletes fits well with my system.”

The Eagles return five seniors this season, but only one player is above 6-1 in the height chart.

“We’ll have to be adaptable in our approach to games,” Dresslaer said. “I preach team ball and focus heavily on fundamentals. We want to line up and get after our opponents on the court.”

Last season, Dresslaer coached the Clever freshmen and seventh grade teams. This is his first varsity head coaching position.

“Tommy [Egan] did a fantastic job while at Purdy, and I’m happy he got the opportunity to go to Skyline,” Dresslaer said. “I’m coming into a situation where the previous coach is leaving on good terms and the program didn’t let their coach go. That is huge when it comes to building a team.”

Under the new leadership, a few things will change.

The new skipper plans to further refine the team’s motion offense approach and revamp the defensive look a bit.

“Tommy liked to run a 2-1-2 full court trap,” Dresslaer said. “I’m a man-to-man guy with a few traps sprinkled in to keep teams honest. The biggest thing is to get the players acclimated to my style and start working together.”

The first-year coach will be paid a base salary of $30,500 for teaching and will receive an additional $3,500 to be the varsity head basketball coach at Purdy. He will also be paid an additional $2,500 to run the summer athletic program and coach seventh and eighth grade basketball.

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