Sales tax tallies take sharp dip

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Barry County cities down 13 percent in June compared to 2016

Sales tax income to the Barry County area continues to deliver erratically to local cities and counties.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $564,093.32. Comparing the same taxes collected a year ago, revenues dropped by 13 percent.

Cassville’s 1 percent tax for general bills produced $82,697.37, down $14,992.32 or a drop of 15 percent for the month. The 2017 sum was nearly even with last year, down by $105.23. Seligman’s 1 percent tax yielded $5,197.87, down $2,696.95 or 34 percent. Seligman’s 2017 sum is down by 5 percent.

Exeter’s 1 percent tax showed the least variation from a year ago, receiving $1,986.07, a drop of $59.35 from a year ago. Exeter’s 2017 total is down by $5.87. In a similar trend, Washburn’s 1 percent tax for general bills generated $4,317.60, down only $126.55 from last June. Washburn’s 2017 total dropped by $154.59, or 1 percent, from last year’s pace.

Wheaton’s 1 percent tax for the general fund yielded $7,835.88, the only bi-county city to show a gain, but only by $418.39. Wheaton’s 2017 sum is down by almost $2,500, or 8 percent, the biggest dip of all the bi-county recipients.

Monett’s two sales taxes for general fund bills, totaling 1 percent, generated $163,11.39 in June, down $35,325.71 from a year ago. It was the second lowest June payment in six years.

Two months of significant losses added to the $55,362.71 gain in April left a net loss for the quarter and the fiscal year of $396.60. Having seen gains in only three months in 2017, Monett’s general fund total is nonetheless up by more than $27,000, or 3 percent, for the calendar year.

Pierce City, which collects two sales taxes for the general fund totaling 1.125 percent, received $10,680.63, down $2,227.22 from a year ago. It was the smallest June payment the city has received in the seven years it has collected two taxes.

Pierce City’s two-month fiscal year tally for its general fund taxes is down by almost $5,000, or 22 percent. However, the 2017 tally of $57,946.05 is down by less than $900, or less than 1 percent, compared to last year’s pace.

Purdy’s 1 percent sales tax for general bills produced $3,910.56, the smallest June amount since 1991. The amount ended Purdy’s fiscal year with a general fund sum of $57,328.13, down 22 percent from last year’s pace.

For the first half of 2017, Purdy’s general fund tax has been up only three times compared to the previous year. The $30,461.72 total is down 6 percent from a year ago.

Barry County’s two .5 percent sales taxes each yielded more than $181,774, down by more than $26,811 or nearly 9 percent each. For 2017, receipts for each are up by nearly $16,300 or nearly 2 percent.

The sales tax supporting Barry County’s 911 system showed similar results. In June, the tax produced $136,278.15, down $20,130.93 from a year ago. For 2017, the tax has generated $752,811.79, up $10,000, or more than 1 percent.

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