Missouri to offer new Career and Technical Education certificate

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Certificate provides another credential to help prepare graduates

To help all high school graduates be prepared for future success, the State Board of Education announced in June that it was approving requirements for a new Career and Technical Education certificate (CTE) that students can earn in addition to their high school diploma.

Cassville Superintendent Richard Asbill believes the certificate presents a good opportunity for students, and is one the district has already been working toward.

“The high school began work on these standards a few years ago, evaluating efforts to improve our career education programs, course offerings, and the Technical Skills Assessment performance,” he said. “We believe that our local Cassville High School Career Education programs, and our students who participate in Scott Tech at Monett will benefit from these efforts.”

“The CTE certificate helps recognize the skills our students are gaining in CTE courses that will help them succeed in life,” said Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven. “Students earning this certificate can show Missouri employers that they are prepared for the workplace.”

The requirements were developed in conjunction with the state’s CTE advisory council, and students entering high school in 2017-18 or thereafter will be eligible to earn the certificate by meeting the following targets:

• Meet all graduation requirements

• Qualify as a CTE concentrator

• Maintain a 3.0 grade-point average (on a 4.0 scale) in the CTE area of concentration

• Pass an approved Technical Skills Assessment and/or earn an approved Industry Recognized Credential  or Certificate

• Complete at least 50 hours of work-based learning aligned with the CTE area of concentration

• Maintain at least a 95 percent attendance record overall for grades 9-12

• Demonstrate soft skills/business skills

• Achieve a score at or above the state standard on any DESE-approved measure of college and career readiness

DESE suggested that schools can best assist students by helping them develop a personal plan of study which includes a focus on specific CTE courses such as health sciences, business or agriculture, and by following up to monitor the plan of study to ensure success.

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