Students let imaginations lead in science fair projects

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
A group of boys are fascinated by an automation project at the Cassville Summer Science Fair. Cassville Summer School administrator Shari Rhea said all the students were very creative with the ideas and projects they came up with and really enjoyed the science fair. Pre-k through eighth grades participated. Julia Kilmer/

A group of boys are fascinated by an automation project at the Cassville Summer Science Fair.

Students look at projects from the robotics table at the Cassville Summer Science Fair and Exhibition. Pre-k through eighth-grade students participated in the creative event, which wrapped up the last week of summer school. Julia Kilmer/
Eighth-grade student Lily Love, left, and partner Joseph Sanders, ninth, explain how their automated marble track project works at Cassville’s Summer Science Fair. They made the project from a robotics kit the school ordered under the guidance of robotics teacher Robbie Artherton, along with some duct tape, cardboard and a little ingenuity. The students took a video of their creation in action for their teacher to show to future classes. Love also did a project about solving crimes using forensic anthropology. Julia Kilmer/
Pre-school, kindergarten and first-grade students worked in groups to conduct various experiments, which were displayed at the Cassville Summer Science Fair. In this project, students conducted a test to see which Marigold flower would last the longest — the one without soil, without water or without sunlight? They concluded from their findings that the plant without soil perished the fastest. Julia Kilmer/
Mad Scientist award winners of Cassville’s Summer Science Fair and Exhibition were students Jordan Dunn, Anna Hoffman and Shawna Moss. Contributed photo
Cassville Summer School Science Fair middle school winners were: Jordan Dunn, Shawna Moss, Anna Hoffman, Jesse Taylor, Amanda Wood, Josh Yount, Emily Ortega and Idasmaris. Herrera; Fifth-grade winners were: Kristian Simmons, Kathryn Morris, Gracee Cornell, Avery Chappell, Tristen Jack and Dom Reed; Fourth-grade winners: Maddock Roark, Traiton Burnette, Malcolm Terry, Dylan Criswell, Timothy Roberts and Dalton Deiser; Third-grade winners: Aubrey Stoufer, Claire Reuter, Tyson Bohmke, Will Brooks, Belle Washam and Haily Faulkner; and Second-grade winners: Isabella Bauman, Kami Stough, Riley Ragsdale and Eli Roark and Shritha Boise. Preschool through first grades worked on projects in groups. Staff would like to congratulations all students and teachers for making the event a great success. Contributed photo
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