Cassville Alumni Association holds annual banquet

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Graduates from 1940 to 2017 attend, share memories

The Cassville School’s Alumni Association held its annual banquet on May 27 at the Cassville High School commons area. President Jill LeCompte welcomed the attendees, Carolyn Bowen led the Pledge of Allegiance and Dr. Richard Asbill gave the invocation. The meal was prepared by John Sullivan.

Members in attendance were the following CHS graduates:

Jim Bower, 1956; Mona Watson Bower, 1957; Michael LeCompte, 1983; Jill Holman LeCompte, 1984; John Sullivan, 1967; Janet Peterson Sullivan, 1970; Mae Bell Foster Lund, 1967; Charles Majors, 1955; Tom Farwell, 1957; Mary Snider Farwell, 1965; Edna Meryl Painter, 1948; Judy East Homesley, 1955; Jerry Nickle, 1962; Louise Blankenship Nickle, 1963; Joe Fisher, 1955; Sophia Leneaux Bickford, 1960; Linda Wilson Phillips, 1965; Norman Phillips and Jerry Crowe 1954; Ann Koon Crowe, 1963; Wilma Swanson Ball, 1947; Don Myers, 1952; Glenda Myers and Eddie Dummit, 1960; Judy Wolf, 1961; Jimmie Joe Taylor, 1955; Rowena Wiley Hutchens, 1952; Carol Hutchens, 1952; Spiz Stephens, 1952; Linda Hall Brock, 1967; Harold Brock, 1967; Barbara Bickford Donaldson, 1977; Gary Easley, 1957; Janice Baker Easley, 1957; Sydney Ash, 1963; Linda Ash and Eugene Sliger, 1963; Larue Slinkard Lyall, 1970; Jerry Lyall, 1967; Donnie Elliott, 1967; Donna Elliott, Don Beeson 1947; Margaret Beeson, Kenny House, 1957; Carol England House, 1958; Jackie Beatie Hendrix, 1978; Bailey Hendrix, 2017; Angeline Williams Rowland, 1940; Judie Edmonson Harvey, 1962; Allene Stubblefield Brock, 1952; Calvin Holman, 1947; Del Holman and Glen Craig, 1952; Gary Wallace, 1979; Kandace Wallace, 2017; Ron Vison, 1967; Kaylyn Bryant, 2017; Joel Bryant, 1988; Kristie Stringer Bryant, 1986; Carolyn Cox Bowen, 1960; Donald Bowen, 1958; and Rick Madison, 1975. Also in attendance were Wayne Hendrix and Carolyn Madison.

The oldest female graduate was Angeline Williams Rowland from the class of 1940, and the oldest male graduate was Calvin Holman from the class of 1947. Both received Cassville football T-shirts. The class of 1967 had the greatest number of classmates in attendance. All members of the class year received a Cassville schools lapel pin.

Three 2017 graduates each received a $500 scholarship from the alumni association. Kaylyn Bryant, Bailey Hendrix and Kandace Wallace each gave a brief synopsis of their educational plans as well as thanking the association for selecting them as winners.

This year's banquet will be especially memorable as guests had to evacuate to FEMA Building 2 (attached to the high school) when tornado sirens went off due to an especially turbulent storm season the county has seen this year.

Asbill spoke about the renovations at the intermediate building and the addition of the senior recognition tribute outside of the J.C. Duncan Gymnasium.

Officers for 2018 were nominated from the floor and were elected as follows: President Desiree Corn (2002), Vice President Kay Baker (1963) and Secretary/Treasurer Shari Rhea (1986). The 2018 Cassville Schools annual banquet will be held on May 26 at the high school.