Cassville Youth Advisory Board to reactivate

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Pictured are members of the Cassville Youth Advisory Board. In front row, from left, are: Krista Skinkis, Lauren McManus, Jacob Hall, Britney Nowak and Josie Lone. Second row: Cole Stringer, Kaitlynn Grayum, Garrett York, Marisa Padilla, Grace Baxley, Thomas Tabor, James Curtis, Yesenia Aguinaga and Dalia Phelps. Third row: Alex Mackey, Lisa Lambel, Rebecca Blackburn, Hayley Nape, Madilynn Stokes, Megan Richter, Hannah Kelly, Grace Schell and Payton Varner. Not Pictured are Megan Sloan, Harmony Mills and Torance Davis. Contributed photo

Students work with community leaders to make a difference

The Cassville Youth Advisory Board announced the group will be reactivated. The board is an organization that gives youth a voice to the community, government and law enforcement. They will be working with community leaders and law enforcement to help change laws and make improvements so that the city of Cassville will be a safer and better place to live.

"The Youth Advisory Board was deactivated when our former Police Chief Lonnie McCullough was approaching retirement," said Elaine Bowles, adult co-chairwoman for the board and Cassville High School school nurse. "[Current] Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr and I have worked very hard to get the Board up and going again."

Kammerlohr will serve as adult co-chairwoman alongside Bowles.

"We will work together to make sure that one of us will always be at the meetings and events," Bowles said.

Currently, 26 students serve on the board, with a waiting list of students who wish to be on the board. In order to be accepted, students must go through an application process during which references and discipline issues will be checked. To qualify, students must be self-motivated, have high moral standards, must abstain from alcohol-drug use and be reliable. 

"Chief Kammerlohr and I are very excited about our members," Bowles said. "The students have an opportunity to make an impact in their community and make a difference. They have voiced their enthusiasm and are ready to get to work."