Speed limit lowered on Kay Avenue in Purdy

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Aldermen identify Jefferson, Brite Circle for future consideration

The city of Purdy has opted to reduce the speed limit on Kay Avenue from 25 miles per hour to 15, holding open the option to reduce speeds on other streets with similar problems.

Action followed a request by Al Perez, a resident on Kay Avenue who brought his two small children to the council meeting to illustrate his concern.

“People drive too fast on my street,” Perez said. “Cars go by like it’s a freeway. The future of the community is on those streets.”

Perez said he was prepared to place a sign in the middle of the street declaring there were children playing there, or not have his children go out for fear of their safety. Police Chief Jackie Lowe concurred that motorists have not paid attention to “Children Playing” signs.

Mayor Bo Prock proposed the reduction to 15 miles per hour. Alderman Brian Bower supported the change, noting he had seen “a lot of cars squall out” on city streets. Alderman Austin Hammen said other streets have issues, as he’s seen cars drive as fast as possible on Jefferson approaching the stop sign.

Lowe said Brite Circle is another point of concern, where cars speed through and make a “California stop,” slowing at the stop sign but driving through without fully stopping. Officers have had many complaints, he said, but little success catching anyone in the act.

Using the school district’s model of having 15 miles per hour on Gabby Gibbons Drive, aldermen voted to make the change on Kay Avenue, ordering three signs to make the revision. Prock vowed to return to the other streets cited after watching how successful the reduction becomes.

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