Cassville church offering meal to people displaced by flooding, emergency workers

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lunch to be served at noon on Sunday

Due to the flooding in Cassville and people displaced, the Cassville United Methodist Church is stepping up to help those in need.

On Sunday at noon, the church will offer a free meal to anyone displaced from their homes by flood waters, as well as to emergency workers in the area Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Andy Lambel, pastor of the church, said the meal will likely be sandwiches and bottled water.

"We have no idea how many to prepare for," he said. "The grocery list includes 15 loaves of bread and if that's' not enough, we'll go get more. We'll serve as many people as needed."

Leslie Reed, a member of the church, is organizing the event with the help of about 15-20 church volunteers, if not more.

"We're going to have the late service at 10:45 and we're hoping more people stay and interact with folks," Lambel said.

Lambel said after the two floods in 2015 and when the church members saw the storms hit this week, the church wanted to do something to help.

"Leslie came up and said, 'Let's serve a meal tomorrow to anyone who needs a meal,'" Lambel said.

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