Prock assumes duties as new mayor in Purdy

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Alderman Brad Bunnell resigns without explanation

A new shape for the Purdy government developed last week, as the city council reorganized and one council member resigned.

Bo Prock, who has served on the council since 2015, was sworn in as the new mayor, succeeding Steve Roden. After five terms as alderman and two as mayor, Roden shook council membersí hands and departed after Prock took the oath of office from Clerk Debbie Redshaw. Roden commented he would not be far away in case they needed him.

Prior to the reorganization, Roden told Police Chief Jackie Lowe the city would not be able to keep part-time police officer Jon Egleston at more than 24 hours a week, due to costs for insurance and the LAGERS retirement program. Prock asked Lowe to schedule Egleston for three eight-hour days, which would still enable the city to have a police officer on duty seven days a week. Lowe had previously received permission to extend Egleston to 35 hours a week. Roden said the situation had not become clear until just before the meeting.

New council member Austin Hammen also took the oath. Scott Redshaw, who, like Hammen, was elected without opposition, was absent due to a scheduling issue. Redshaw administered the oath the next day. Alderman Wayne Rupp, who served for six terms and did not run for re-election, followed Rodenís example and departed.

In making appointments, Alderman Brian Bowers, starting his second year on the council, said he was willing to take on the duties of mayor pro tem, a duty Prock had held. Brad Bunnell, the only other holdover alderman, shrugged at the suggestion and voted for Bowers.

Prock renamed Redshaw as city clerk, Terri Garrison as municipal court clerk, Jackie Lowe as police chief and Russ Nichols as building inspector.

Following the appointments, the council went into closed session at Bunnellís request. Returning, Prock announced that Bunnell had resigned, leaving a one-year vacancy. No action is expected to fill the position prior to the next monthly meeting on May 8. No explanation was given for Bunnellís action.

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