Barry County Court News

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

• Jodi Lynn Baker, Republic, speeding, no seat belt, $40.50

• Michael James Bogle, Exeter, driving while revoked/suspended, two days incarceration jail, two days jail credit for time served plus court costs

• James T. Boren, Aurora, operate motor vehicle owned by another knowing owner has not maintained financial responsibility, court costs plus $80.50 fine

• Bill Ray Brisco, Pierce City, no registration, $30.50

• Lesley Anne Chambers, Washburn, driving while revoked/suspended, one year unsupervised probation

• Michael Eugene Easley, Exeter, no adequate muffler, fail to secure child under 8 in a child restraint or booster seat, $175.50

• Aurelio Garcia-Soriano, Monett, no valid license, $150

• Eli Benjamin Gunden, Brandywine, WV, passing bad check, six months unsupervised probation

• Rodney Eugene Jones, Aurora, no seat belt, civil infraction default judgment, $10

• Dylan Brian Junior, Rogers, Ark., tampering with motor vehicle, second degree, two years unsupervised probation

• Tryone DeWayne Kelly, Monett, no valid license, six months unsupervised probation, show proof of valid drivers license by 7/23/17

• Brett Erron Meek, Purdy, operate vehicle owned by another knowing owner has not maintained financial responsibility, no valid license, fail to display plates, $141.50

• Cynthia Renee Pennington, Purdy, no registration, $30.50, Judgment CVC $10

• Travis Wayne Putney, Crane, fail to cover or sufficiently secure vehicle load, no seat belt, court costs plus $40.50 fine

• Joshua James Richie, Golden, driving while revoked/suspended, $300

• Austin William Smith, Jenkins, no seat belt, $10

• McKayla Dawn Steelman, Monett, no seat belt, $10

• Dale Gene Tanner, Cassville, no seat belt, $10

• Felicity Dawn Waltrip, Monett, no registration, no valid license, fail to have two lighted headlamps, no insurance, no seat belt, court costs plus $172 fine, Judgment CVC $10

• Gary Eugene Briggs, Canton, Ga., no seat belt, $10

• Bayley Joe Kimbrough, Monett, fail to drive on right half of roadway, two counts, fail to stop for stop sign, operate vehicle with excess vision-reducing material applied to windshield/side window, fail to signal, pass vehicle on right and traveled off main portion of road, operate vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, involving an accident, no insurance, no seat belt, $379 total fines

• Jason Ryan Pack, Monett, non-support, two years unsupervised probation, pay child support pursuant to plea agreement, Judgment CVC $10

• Kimberly Steinmann, Lebanon, operate vehicle with brakes not in good working order, $20.50

• Richard Ian Thompson, Cassville, non-support, two years unsupervised probation

James N. Yazinsky, Jr., speeding, court costs plus $80.50 fine