Wilson aces way into history

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Purdy senior Matt Wilson made history on Thursday with his first career ace at the Neosho Tourney. Contributed photo

Purdy senior reflects on 1st hole-in-one

It’s something nearly every golfer has bragged about, but only a few have achieved.

It’s the equivalent to scoring the winning touchdown or hitting the game winning home run — the elusive hole in one.

On Thursday, Purdy senior Matt Wilson recorded his first career ace in the Neosho tourney.

Wilson used a 7-iron to cover the par-3, 180-yard hole-in-one stroke.

“I used my range finder to target the bunker in front of the hole and it checked in at 167-yards,” Wilson said. “The hole was right at 180.”

Wilson said he felt comfortable with his 7-iron, which he routinely uses to hit 170 yards. He lined his shot directly at the pin and let loose.

“The ball cleared the bunker and bounced about 8 yards in front of the hole,” Wilson said. “It checked up a bit and then hit the flag pole and ran down. I wasn’t 100 percent sure if it went in or ran off the back of the green, but I couldn’t believe the shot.”

The ace was not only a first for Wilson, but the first for Purdy golf and the first in the Neosho tourney.

“It feels pretty awesome,” Wilson said. “Not that many guys have hit a hole in one, and it is something you think about every time you come to a par 3.”

Wilson and Tyler Keeler combined to win the best-ball team duo with a three-over-par 73.

In the scramble event, Joby Young and Colby Boyd took third with an 87.

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