Exeter School Board questionnaire: Gary Stringer

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Age: 46

Current Occupation: Maintenance planner for Glad Manufacturing

Past Experience: Six years on Exeter School Board

Education: High School and trade school

1. Why do you want to win this position?

To serve the kids and parents of the Exeter School District to make The Exeter School a great learning environment for our kids.

2. If elected, what is your number one goal on the school board?

To ensure that our kids get the best education that our district can give them.

3. What areas of the school district do you think need improvement?

I would like to see our school get a FEMA center. A new bus barn and an improvement on our car parking.

4. Should the next big project focus on facility construction or technology?

I feel like providing technology is more important than construction, because that is the way our world is moving towards, and we need to make sure that our kids are not left out in the newest technology.

5. Are there any programs or classes you would like to see the district add?

We have added 2 new programs to our district, trap shooting and archery, I really want to help them to be successful. I would like to see more college weighted classes added in order to help the kids that choose to go to college.

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