Exeter School Board questionnaire: Larry Meyer

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Age: 43

Current Occupation: Substitute Teacher

Past Experience: Construction

Education: Bachelors in Elementary Education from Missouri State University

1. Why do you want to win this position?

For the last six years I have been a member of the Exeter R-VI school board. During that time I have seen the school regain their accredited distinction, and begin a forward movement of integrating more technology. Most of our board members are business leaders, and supervisorís at large companies. Being a teacher, I would be able to provide an inside perspective of everyday obstacles that students face.

2. If elected, what is your number one goal on the school board?

I have worked with the school and the community during my time as the Director of the Community Basketball and Summer Ball program for the last seven years. That gives me the opportunity to be a middle man when helping the community and school to work together. I believe that communication and understanding between the school and the community should be the number one goal.

3. What areas of the school district do you think need improvement?

This year, Exeter R-VI School has started to cross over to an online curriculum. This technology upgrade will open more doors for our students in the future, and will make our student more competitive with the surround area. In addition to upgrading our wireless system and securing a more advanced backup system, I believe that we still need to continue improving our technological base.

4. Should the next big project focus on facility construction or technology?

The schoolís next big project is replacing the old wood pole barn that is currently protecting our school buses. The current bus barn is not large enough to cover the length of the buses which creates an opportunity for vandalism. Due to the cost of purchasing each bus and the cost of maintenance, I feel that this needs to be priority.

5. Are there any programs or classes you would like to see the district add?

We have just expanded the FFA program to include archery and a new skeet shooting program. We have a great start to begin with, but I feel that what is needed here is an experienced instructor that has taught champions in this area to give our students the best guidance. I would love to see the students that donít really like sports the opportunity to letter and win at something else. That might keep several students from dropping out of school and graduate instead.

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