Cassville students raise more than $12K

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Cassville Intermediate School Coach Kristi Pinkard and Cassville students Levi Maher, Adelee Hendricks and Charlie Stoller (sitting) present Cassville school custodian Jacki Lingle with a large, personally-autographed card from students. Lingle, an aortic aneurysm survivor, was honored at a luncheon the students were invited to with Pinkard and Coach Josh Schmidt to celebrate their accomplishments in raising over $12,000 for the Hoops for Heart campaign, on behalf of the American Heart Association. Lingle, who suffered an aortic aneurysm while at work in January, was visibly moved by the gesture. Julia Kilmer/

American Heart Association fundraiser nearly doubles goal

Cassville Primary and Intermediate School students went all out for the Hoops for Heart campaign to raise money for the American Heart Association, collecting a combined total of $12,282 for the organization.

Hoops for Heart is a national fundraising program which promotes physical activity, heart-healthy living and community service, and helps save lives through support of the AHA and its programs. Founded in 1924 by six cardiologists, the AHA exists to build healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke.

Cassville intermediate and primary students were recognized and treated to lunch Monday, compliments of Subway, for raising a combined total of $12,282 for the American Heart Association. Special guest and school custodian Jackie Lingle, who suffered a cardiac aneurysm in January, was honored at the event. Pictured in front row, from left, are: Wyatt Bohannon, Sadie Judd, Dennis Craig, Gracie Gray and Charlie Stoller; Second row: Devon Archuleta, Adelee Hendricks, Donielle Burns, Brooklyn Lowery, Jadon Castleberry and Gwen Harmon. Third row: Intermediate Coach Kristi Pinkard, Gracie Harmon, Avery Chappell, Levi Maher, Cadyn Smith, Lingle, Bryson Jacobson, Maddock Roark, Jared Crase and Primary Coach Josh Schmidt. Julia Kilmer/

Intermediate students (third through fifth grades) raised a total of $10,209.08, while second-grade students raised $2,073.

During the campaign, students were taught about heart disease, its impact on families and how funds raised for the organization helps save lives. In addition to making a donation, children asked each donator to make a healthy lifestyle.

The top three earners were fifth-grader Levi Maher and fourth-grader Adelee Hendricks, who raised $1,000, and third-grader Charlie Stoller, who raised $611.

As a reward, intermediate Coaches Kristi Pinkard and Josh Schmidt invited the students to a special luncheon to celebrate their accomplishments, compliments of Subway, along with making a difference in others' lives. Students were also given a pass to the Dickerson Park Zoo, a coupon for a free Subway sandwich and earned prizes based on amount raised.

Pinkard said last year, students raised $7,000 for the campaign, so this year, they set a goal of $8,000. In the end, the children far exceeded that goal, with more than $12,000 collected. While fundraising, donors were asked to make a healthy lifestyle change.

A special guest was invited to the event as well school custodian and survivor Jackie Lingle who was honored by the students and coaches with a large card personally signed by each of them. Lingle suffered an unexpected cardiac emergency when she had an aortic aneurysm while at work in January and was airlifted to a medical facility. She continues to seek treatment and heal.

"The school has been so good to me," she said.

"We wanted the kids to understand when they were learning about the American Heart Association that it's not just children who can have heart disease, but adults can, too, and don't know about it," Pinkard said.

Students and staff thanked all those who donated to the campaign to help save lives.

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