Jason Purvis

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

October 12, 1978, to March 12, 2017…………

Now, for anybody that knew Jason, that is pretty much all he would feel needed to be said. He was a “No Fuss, Get to the Point” kind of guy. That being said, he was so much more.

Purvis, (also known as “Harry Luv” or “Skidmark” in some circles) was an incredible man. None of his close friends called him by his first name; there was just too much fun to be had with a last name like his. His unique personality afforded him the ability to live a self-sought, unconventional lifestyle. After graduating High School, Purvis enlisted in the United States Army, where he served honorably for six years.

After his discharge from the military he devoted many years counseling “At Risk Youths”. He was instrumental in the rehabilitation of countless troubled teens and an amazing mentor to his fellow staff members.

In October 2016, (Likely to avoid having to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump) Purvis decided to return to the coastal resort town of Mazatlán Mexico. This was a place he often referred to as “Paradise”. There he spent his days “beating feet” (his term for walking) all over the beach and around town. When Jason was not on the move, he could be found swinging in his hammock, strategically placed near the outdoor kitchen in a shady spot.

Anybody that knew Jason knew he was hilarious and irreverent, the most incredible story teller, and overall the life of the party. He certainly made an impression everywhere he went. The man behind that curtain was even more than that. Jason had a heart and passion for kids from troubled places and especially the wounded warrior veteran’s project. He read philosophy and had so much depth and put so much thought into the meaning of life. He loved and valued his family and friends and would do anything to help them. Jason was committed to being authentic and had a truly untamed heart. Family and friends alike are so grateful for the memories. Purvis thank you so much for the laughter and the tears, the light and the dark. Jason inspired and challenged many of us and, because of that, new paths were taken and dreams fulfilled. He has taught some of us to question the norm and others to travel without fear, explore, dream and just live with purpose and intention. You will forever be missed.

Purvis was preceded in death by his father Douglas Lynn Purvis, Grandparents Carolyn and Dean Pennel, Aunt Loretta Ellis and Uncle Ray Gene (Corn) Ellis, and Niece Devon Rae Watson he is survived by his Mother Mitzi Bowers, two sisters Melissa (Purvis) Woodward, & Tanya (Purvis) Burdett. Nieces Skye Brabant & Madison Burdett, Nephews Dakotah Watson, Christian “Drake” Watson and Stetson Watson, 4 great nieces and 1 great nephew, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins and last but not least a Rag-Tag group of friends that couldn’t forget him if they tried.

Purvis, you will be missed. I just hope God can make a “One Time Exception” for a “Raiders Fan”....

Forever loved

Your family and friends


Memorial service will be held at Kozy Camp in Pineville, MO at 2pm on march 25th, Jason’s favorite camp site has been reserved for the 25th and 26th. Family and friends will join together in celebration of Jason’s life….his way.