Purdy School Board Questionnaire: Tammy Humphrey

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Publisher’s note: The following Q&A represents the candidate's views verbatim, as submitted via email in response to our questions, and has not been edited. The election will be held April 4, with voters allowed to select three of the five candidates. The top three vote-getters will be elected. - JB

Age: No answer given.

Current Occupation: Operations Director, Jack Henry & Associates

Past Experience: Member of the Purdy R-II Board of Education since March 2016

Education: No answer given.

1. Why do you want to win this position?

My husband Steve and I have 2 children that have attended the Purdy R-II School District since kindergarten. Our daughter Andrea graduated last year and is attending Missouri Southern State University and our son Adam is a junior in high school. Steve and I have been very involved in school activities with our children, helping in any capacity needed through the years. I am grateful for what the Purdy R-II School District has provided my own children and want to help the Board achieve even greater success as a district. I have a sincere interest in helping prepare our children for their future and feel that I can contribute by utilizing my work experience as well as my first-hand experience as a parent.

2. If elected, what is your number one goal on the school board?

Excellence in education. We have a great school district filled with great kids and teachers but we can always improve and be even greater. If we expect our children to improve, we must expect those teaching our children to grow and improve. It is critical to invest in our teachers and focus on ensuring that our teaching staff continues to grow through various avenues but especially through the new Professional Studies Program. This program for our teachers has allowed more collaboration and mentoring between teachers working to lay a stronger educational foundation for our children as they advance from one grade level to the next. This program aids in developing the most effective methods of learning for our students.

3. What areas of the school district do you think need improvement?

We have opportunities to increase our district’s Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) testing scores. Since these assessments focus on what I consider the basics, these areas must be a priority in our early education grade levels. If our children master the basics, we better equip and prepare them for their future.

Another area that I feel we can improve is our communication with the parents and community. We need to share the successes we see each and every day. Great things happen in this school!

4. Should the next big project focus on facility construction or technology?

I feel that there should be a solid balance between facility construction and technology. Investing in Technology is a solid investment into our children’s future. Technology infrastructure is included in our strategic plan for the district and vital to opening doors to the future. Our buildings have undergone some major improvements in the last few years and we must continually look for areas that need improvement and prioritize that need. In addition, we must ensure that we have adequate class room space for our students to allow for a safe learning environment. The future FEMA Storm Shelter will continue to provide the safety for our students and community and is also planned to serve other needs of the district in class room space and areas that can be utilized by the fine arts programs.

5. Would you like the district to look at a 4-day school week?

As a parent, this can create a burden by adding a day of daycare to families with younger students. The need would have to exist, which I do not feel that it does today. If this became a consideration at some point in the future, it would be critical for the School Administration and Board to analyze the data from other school districts to understand the impact to the students, teachers and families. I feel it would be critical for the community to weigh in on this and have a voice as this that would significantly impact them. I would only entertain a 4-day school week if the benefits of this met the needs of our school district and community.

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