Barry County tax revenues up 13 percent

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

All but 2 cities in counties see gains over last February

For the second consecutive month, sales tax to bi-county cities and county governments have registered a gain.

The two half-percent sales taxes in Barry County each produced more than $145,251, each up nearly $2,300 from a year ago. The 2017 total is up by nearly 13 percent.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $488,034.12 for the month. Factoring out the new Monett transportation tax and the old Monett Justice Center tax, the same taxes collected a year ago brought in 4 percent more. Every city except Seligman and Wheaton had higher receipts than last February.

Cassville's 1-percent tax for general bills produced $76,347.82, a gain of $7,4787.45, or 11 percent, over a year ago.

Washburn held practically even with its 1-percent tax yielding $1,158.80, a gain of $276.11.

Wheaton did almost the same, only ending up short, as its 1-percent tax generated $1,396.76, a drop of $243.24.

Exeter's 1-percent tax generated $1,893.62, up $629.99 from last February.

Seligman's 1-percent tax, budging very little in the last five months, brought in $8,108.46, a drop of $5,220.37 from a year ago.

Monett's two sales taxes, totaling 1 percent and used to pay general bills, generated $135,464.25 in February, a gain of $3,630.89 over a year ago. It was the fourth largest February payment on record, behind 2014, 2008 and 2007 in order.

The sum boosted the 11-month fiscal year total to an all-time record of $1,781,748.55, over the last peak from 2015 by nearly $1,500. The two-month 2017 tally is running 18 percent ahead of last year' pace.

Purdy had the largest payment from its 1-percent tax for general bills in the seven years of having only one tax support the general fund. The $5,750.30 payment topped last February by $1,081.29. It was the second consecutive month of gains for Purdy.

After eight months, Purdy's fiscal year tally reached $38,552.84, down 23 percent from last year's pace. The 2017 sum is running ahead of 2016 by nearly $1,600.

The sales tax funding Barry County's 911 system produced $108,933.95 for the month, up $1,760.84 from a year ago. The 2017 sum from the tax of $253,976.12 is up by nearly 14 percent over a year ago.

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