Changes expected on sewer project

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Property owners along pipeline route to hear from Purdy reps

Progress is continuing on the sewer pipeline project from Purdy to Monett, though a few obstacles have surfaced.

Purdy Mayor Steve Roden reported that a landowner between Purdy and Monett has refused to cooperate with the city in placing the six-mile pipeline. Engineers subsequently began looking for a bypass route.

The pipeline will start east of Purdy at the main wastewater lagoon and generally parallel Highway 37 to Monett. Roden said the Arkansas-Missouri Railroad also was not interested in sharing its right-of-way with the city. The landowner’s refusal will force the city to move its project to the west side of the railroad tracks earlier than expected, though Roden did not feel the change posed any kind of an insurmountable obstacle.

Roden said city representatives would likely begin talks this week with other property owners along the route.

The cultural resource study, recommended by the State Historic Preservation Office and requested by the Osage Nation, had also started. Roden did not anticipate any major problems.

The route into Monett will cross Highway 60 then turn west to the city’s wastewater treatment plant on the north side of Clear Creek. Roden said Monett officials had several places also the route inside the city limits that still needed review to determine the best location.

The $4.6 million sewer project is expected to take approximately a year to build.

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