Deputies continue search for missing cattle

Thursday, February 9, 2017

16 stolen, two other attempts made near Exeter

The Barry County Sheriff's Office is asking for residents to keep their eyes open for possible cattle rustlers in the Exeter area, as 16 Charolais cattle were recently stolen and two other attempts were made at other nearby ranches.

Det. Doug Henry said the 16 cattle were stolen from a ranch on Farm Road 2187, between Farm Roads 1045 and 1040, in the overnight hours Sunday into Monday. Another alleged attempt to steal cattle was made that night at a ranch on Farm Road 2165.

"The second group of cattle were penned up after being out in the field, but they were not stolen," Henry said. "That was a couple miles north of where the ones were stolen. they were penned up along the road and I think [the would-be thieves] got spooked."

Henry said deputies do not have any leads yet, and another alleged theft attempt was reported in the same area on Wednesday, where cattle had again been penned, but not stolen.

"People should keep their eyes open for any cattle trailers moving on the back roads after 10 p.m.," he said. "You have the occasional guy bringing his cattle home from a sale, but usually, most people are done moving their cattle by that time of night. And also, don't pen any cattle next to the road."

The 16 cattle that were stolen have yellow ear tags with the owner's name on them.

Anyone with information about the alleged cattle thefts are asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 417-847-6556.

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