Tax revenues spike in January

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Only 2 BarCo cities fail to best sums from a year ago

Sales tax revenues for Barry County and its cities showed a large rise in January, a dramatic contrast to the drop in December, eliminating that month’s red ink for a number of recipients.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $630,194.90. Factoring out the new Monett transportation tax, the total rose by 19 percent.

Cassville’s 1-percent general fund tax produced $80,476.30, up $4,825.60 from a year ago. Seligman’s 1-percent tax for general bills yielded $8,500.67, up a mere $359.55 from last January. Exeter’s 1-percent tax produced $1,485.47, up by an even slimmer $146.50.

Seeing drops for the month were Wheaton, whose 1-percent tax yielded $4,624.66, down $1,709.94 or 27 percent, while Wheaton’s half-percent tax, a more accurate measure of the towns general activity, fell by only 16 percent. Washburn’s 1-percent tax generated $2,040.09, down $421.22 from last January.

Monett saw the largest gains of any city, as its two sales taxes for general expenses and the capital improvements sales tax, which received $9,346.65 less in December than a year ago, generated $73,202.32 more, or a gain of 32 percent in January. The 1-percent general fund taxes received $199,270.93, the largest amount on record for a January, up $16,181.10 from the last record in 2015.

The payment pushed the 10-month general fund fiscal year total to $1,646,284.32, up nearly 2 percent from a year ago and a little less than $10,000 behind the record pace for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Purdy, which saw its sales tax revenues dip by 18 percent, one of the sharpest income downturns in the area in 2016, started with the highest payout in the seven years of having only one tax supporting its general fund. Purdy’s half-percent tax yielded $5,936.13, up $838.56, or 16 percent, from last January. Having topped the previous year’s pace only twice in seven months, Purdy’s fiscal year sum of $32,802.54 lags behind the previous year by 28 percent.

The county’s taxes reflected similar gains as its cities. Barry County’s two half-percent taxes each received $193,452, each gaining more than $38,675 over last January, or up 25 percent. The county’s .125-percent sales tax also supporting the general fund produced another $48,312.46.

The tax supporting the 911 service in Barry County yielded $145,042.17 for the month, up by $29,052.82, or also by 25 percent from last January.

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