Outlaw race sees huge participation from public

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Entire families showed up to race cars in the Outlaw Race Saturday evening. The race, which serves as a fundraiser for local Pack 76 Scouts, is open to the general public. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com

Entire families showed up to race cars in the Outlaw Race Saturday evening.

Charlie Phaneuf takes his Outlaw car from the pit and walks up to place it on the track to race. Phaneuf made a very unique car with a blade running through it, and both of his children made cars and raced as well. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
About 20 cars were registered in the Outlaw Race held Saturday at the American Legion after the Pinewood Derby races. What was different about this race was there were no weight limits on cars, and most of the basic rules that applied to the Pinewood Derby race were thrown out the window. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
Everyone in the room was excited during the Outlaw race, during which 20 participants showed up with their unique outlaw-version cars to race. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
Sebastian Carter, Webelo 1 den leader for Pack 76, helps participants register homemade cars for the Outlaw Race. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
Don Stouder, Pack 76 committee member, prepares to race two cars competing in the Outlwaw race Saturday night. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
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