Cassville YMCA offers members new equipment in new year

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Cassville YMCA Program Director Rick Ragsdale demonstrates how to use an Octane elliptical machine, one of two new pieces of equipment the facility recently acquired for its members. Some of the features of the machine, Ragsdale said, allow a member to obtain a full-body workout, offering efficient use of members' time. And, because it is seated, it does not put any stress on joints and can be adjusted to compensate for knee or hip issues. The machine offers several workout programs and intensity levels, can link via Bluetooth with a heart rate monitor, and a phone port is available which allows members to watch a video training program while using the machine. Julia Kilmer/

Octane recumbent ellipticals equipment provide full body workout

It's a new year, and research shows that about 50 percent of Americans endeavor to set resolutions and make changes stick, but it's easier said than done, especially when it comes to fitness.

With getting in shape one of the top resolution, the Cassville YMCA sees an increase in memberships activity when a new year rolls around, said Dove Haney, center executive, and they've got the resources to help Barry Countians accomplish their fitness goals.

"We always see an increase in activity around the first of the year with people getting back on track and serious about their health goals, and also with new health seekers and new year's resolutions," she said.

This month, the organization is offering its Pay the Day promotion, in which the joining fee is reduced to the date new joiners sign up, offering a great opportunity to make good on resolutions rather than just paying them lip service.

"January is a great month to join the Y," Haney said. "New members can save up to $49 this month. There is no contract or early cancellation fee. YMCA members enjoy many member benefits such as free group exercise classes, access to all Missouri YMCA facilities, free child care while you work out, free access to the Cassville Aquatic Park in the summer, huge discounts on youth sports and swim lessons and free one-on-one wellness appointments and personalized workouts.

To help local residents reach their goals, Haney offered the following tips.

"Create a plan and set realistic and achievable goals," she said. "Instead of formulating your ultimate goal as what you are working toward, break your goal down into achievable milestones. If you want to lose 30 pounds, think of it as a goal of losing five pounds a month for six months. If you want to add muscle mass, aim for putting on a pound of muscle a month. If you want to run a 5K, try intervals of walking and jogging to get to the first mile, then the second, then the third."

Making goals is the easy part, sticking to them is where the real challenge lies.

"Keep track of your daily food intake and exercise," Haney said. "Share your goals with a friend who can support you and keep you accountable. Even better, find a friend with similar goals who will exercise with you. Take it easy as you start new activities that your body is not accustomed to so that you can avoid injury and sideline your exercise plan. Remember, something is better than nothing."

Whether beginners or hard-core workout junkies, the Cassville YMCA offers group exercise classes such as Zumba, Insanity, a strength and conditioning class and a class for our active older adults, along with strength and cardio-training equipment.

"We are also looking to add a PiYo class in February if possible," Haney said. "We do have a couple of new pieces of cardio equipment --Octane recumbent ellipticals that provide a great full body workout without putting stress on the joints.

The organization's future plans include an expansion that will offer increased space and additional services. More information will be reported as it becomes available.

For more information about membership, program or services, people may call the Cassville YMCA at 417-846-1535.

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