New jailer biggest change in BarCo budget

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Department costs anticipate little variance; raises likely

A request for a new jailer and employee raises are the biggest anticipated changes in the 2017 budget for Barry County, with figures to be finalized by the The Barry County Commission at a public hearing at 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 23 at the Historic Courthouse in Cassville.

County office holders have proposed a budget of $4,570,871 for the year, up $52,863 from the 2016 budget. In 2016, county officials spent $4,025,284.

According to Clerk Gary Youngblood, commissioners are leaning toward giving cost of living raises, probably 3 percent, to county employees, which will make up most of the increase.

County officials sworn in this year also receive 5 percent raises, as voted by the county's Salary Commission in 2015.

The biggest proposed change came from new sheriff Gary Davis, who asked for $50,000 more than the office spent last year.

Youngblood said Davis only asked for raises and a larger fuel allocation, concerned about how prices may fluctuate in the coming year. Davis also asked for another jailer in a proposed jail budget $30,000 higher than what was spent last year.

Commissioners planned to buy four more deputy cars, a major portion of their budget. They also planned to set aside $280,000 for future capital improvements, a fund that has grown for several years.

Prosecutor Amy Boxx asked for $387,547, a nearly $14,000 increase over last year's budget. That would include funds for a possible investigator. Boxx is also scheduled to receive a 1 percent raise at midyear with state judges, as mandated by state law. She also asked for raises for her staff.

Youngblood said Boxx has applied for a grant to add a dedicated victim's advocate to her staff, rather than having one of her staff also handle those duties. If approved, the amount of the grant would boost the prosecutor's budget.

Collector Janice Varner asked for $131,020, approximately double what she has received for a number of years.

Youngblood said Varner did not request additional staff, but repeated requests from past years for funds to buy equipment and programming, and account for mileage.

Other requests reflected minor changes. The buildings and grounds request included an $8,000 increase from what was spent last year. Youngblood said spending on repairs has risen in recent years.

He expected to spend $110,000 on insurance, up about $2,000 from last year. Switching between coverage by the Missouri Association for Counties and Midwest Public Risk had resulted in low overall increases over several years.

"Our worker's comp insurance cost has been steady," Youngblood said.

The budget for the surveyor envisioned doubling, from $2,000 last year, when only $471 was spent, to $4,000. Youngblood explained that in 2016, no monument corners were surveyed, an ongoing task for the county. Commissioners hoped two or three could receive documentation in the coming year for $2,500.

The University of Missouri Extension Service asked for a $3,000 increase to support its youth outreach director. The Juvenile Office asked for a $6,000 increase as a contingency in trying to predict its caseload for the coming year. In 2016, the Juvenile Office spent $10,000 less than its budget.

One line item that dropped considerably was office supplies, where many of Youngblood's election expenses in 2016 went.

The clerk expected to cut that amount by 30 percent. He anticipated dropping his election budget, with no state primary or general election scheduled, by another 30 percent.

Requests by department and categories follow, compared to the 2016 approved budget in parentheses:

Sheriff: $792,139.03 ($769,244.80)

Jail: $470,405.51 ($441,524.60)

Prosecuting attorney: $387,547 ($373,654)

County commission: $239,470 ($247,520)

Clerk: $70,490 ($70,130)

Treasurer: $47,230 ($47,225)

Collector: $131,020 ($115,000)

Recorder: $49,283 ($46,049.44)

Circuit court clerk: $31,800 ($34,200)

Surveyor: $4,500 ($2,000)

University Extension: $40,165 ($37,601)

Public administrator: $20,739 ($20,619.84)

Juvenile office: $129,819 ($123,753)

Coroner: $31,000 ($31,300)

Emergency management: $12,940 (same)

Elections: $54,723 ($81,054)

Buildings and grounds: $212,678.44 ($197,479)

Circuit court administration: $7,622 ($8,422)

Employee benefits: $603,500 ($612,111)

Capital projects: $280,000 ($281,000)

Insurance for property, liability: $110,000 ($100,000)

Publications: $8,500 ($9,500)

Rents and leases: $40,000 (same)

Monett TIF reimbursement: $60,000 (same)

County match for drug task force: $4,000 (not budgeted)

Miscellaneous: $60,000 ($60,236)

Emergency fund: $600,000 ($566,000; state law required percentage of budget)

TOTAL PROPOSED BUDGET: $4,570,871 ($4,518,008)

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