5 BarCo elected officials get raises for first time in 10 years

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2015 salary commission action impacts those taking office

In 2017, Barry County's elected officials will see the first raises some have received in more than 10 years.

"The last time the Salary Commission met, they voted to give 5 percent raises to county office holders elected in 2016," said County Clerk Gary Youngblood. "The last time they got raises was in 2004."

Affected by the decision will be the two associate county commissioners, the coroner, the assessor and the sheriff. Other county officials, such as the clerk, treasurer and collector, who have not seen a raise since 2003, will wait for another year.

The coroner will move from an annual salary of $16,000 to $16,800. The associate commissioners moved from $29,700 each to $31,185. The assessor's pay changed from $45,000 to $47,250.

The sheriff's pay actually received two raises. Youngblood said under state law, county sheriffs receive a raise if the property assessment in the county crosses specific thresholds. In 2016, Barry County's assessment reached $450 million for the first time. Consequently, with the beginning of the 2017 calendar year, state law dictates the sheriff's salary moves from $50,000 to $52,000.

"With the 5 percent increase voted for at the 2015 Salary Commission for the office holders who would be elected in 2016, that makes the sheriff's salary for 2017 $54,600," Youngblood said.

Prosecutor Amy Boxx is due to receive a 1 percent raise on July 1 at the same time judges will receive raises. Her pay will go from $136,402 to $137,766.

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