Sales tax totals drop to end year

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Revenues in only 2 Barry County cities show gains over 2015

For the first time since 2012, sales tax totals for Barry County and its city governments dropped in December, closing 2016 with a much more mixed result than a year ago.

The seven Barry County cities with sales taxes received $596,166.34. Comparing the same taxes in place a year ago, factoring out Monett's old Justice Center tax and new transportation taxes, the total represented a 6-percent drop. Only Exeter and Wheaton bested totals from the previous December, both by very small margins.

Cassville's 1-percent tax produced $83,978.09, down $6,037.31 from the previous December. Seligman received $8,254.10 from its 1-percent general fund tax, a drop of $1,571.71. Washburn's 1-percent tax yielded $3,420.21, down $439.41 from a year ago.

On the upswing, Exeter's 1-percent tax generated $1,979, up $138.07. Wheaton's 1-percent tax produced $6,479.66, a gain of $128.20.

Monett saw its sales taxes drop marginally for the month. Monett's two general fund taxes produced $178,448.19, down $6,230.99 from a year ago. The sum was still the third largest total in the past 10 years. That brought the nine-month fiscal year total to $1,447,013.39, about $20,000 lower than the past two years at this point. For 2016, Monett's receipts topped 2015 half of the time.

Purdy's one percent sales tax paying general bills yielded $4,151.28 for the month, down $2,451.95. Receipts nosedived with the beginning of the fiscal year in July, leaving a six-month total of $26,866.41, down a third from last year's pace. In that period, receipts topped 2015 only once, after besting the mark only three times in the first half of the year.

The countywide sales taxes also took a significant hit for the month.

Barry County's two half-percent taxes each produced more than $187,827, both reflecting a drop of more than $11,420, or 6 percent.

Barry County's sales tax supporting the 911 service received $140,852.42, down $8,464.97, or 6 percent.

Sales tax collected in 2016 for all entities

City1 percent generalCompared to 2015
Cassville$928,342.62 -.2 percent
Exeter$23,772.54 +13 percent
Monett $1,910,209.18 -1 percent
Purdy $59,404.63 -18 percent
Seligman $105,370.56 -9 percent
Washburn$28,096.60 +7 percent
Wheaton $63,181.61 -6 percent
BarCo (1/2 %) $1,983,665.39 -2 percent

Total tax numbers

The following tax amounts reflect the total amount of tax collected by each city and county, in 2016, as compared to 2015.

Cassville: Collected four taxes and took in a total of $2,201,124.80, a decrease of $8,032.56, or less than .5 percent.

Exeter: One tax collected $23,772.54, a 13 percent rise over 2015, the highest total since topping $24,500 for a record in 2007.

Monett: The city has three active taxes and a sunsetted tax to pay for the Justice Center that dropped off the books in May. The general fund and capital improvements tax collected $2,865,168.88, down $34,432.29, or 1 percent from 2015. The new .5 percent sales tax to fund transportation improvements produced $544,322.96 in eight months. The Justice Center sales tax, though retired, continued to generate another $45,590.93 from businesses behind in their sales tax payments, for a total of $188,771.79 by the end of the year. All Monett's taxes, active and sunsetted, generated $3,598,263.63, up by $234,388.18 or up 7 percent from the four taxes collected in 2016.

Purdy: Three taxes collected $118,822.75, down 14 percent, the biggest percentage drop since numbers fell by 10 percent in 2002.

Seligman: After losing its Walmart and gaining a Harp's Express store, its taxes generated $234,083.89, down $27,378.23, or 10 percent, from 2015.

Washburn: Three taxes took in $56,733.13, up 7 percent from 2015 and showing gains for the last three years.

Wheaton: Two taxes received $90,308.57, down $11,911.17 or 12 percent from 2015. Though more consistent in recent months, Wheaton's taxes have not followed the mathematical formula. The 1-percent general fund tax, producing about half again what it should, compared to the half-cent tax, was down 6 percent for the year, while the half-cent tax was down 23 percent.

Barry County: Three taxes took in $4,464,246.34, down $103,293.13, or 2 percent, for the year. Of that total, $497,110.36 came from the .125-percent tax that also supports the general fund.

Barry County 911: Supported by a 3/8 percent sales tax, E-911 garnered $1,543,237.60, up $24,040.66, or nearly 2 percent, over 2015.

South Barry County Ambulance District: The .125-percent sales tax approved by voters, the first time a local private organization has tapped public money, received $776,984.18 in 2016.

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