Students earn belts at Martial Arts Center

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The RWTB Family Martial Arts Center celebrated its 15th year of teaching martial arts in Cassville with its annual end of the year awards banquet and belt testing which was recently held at the Family Life Center. The event was attended by the founder and president of RWTB, 10th degree black belt Grand Master James Rosenbach.

The following students were successful in achieving their next belt rank:

Kellan Jack -- Green Belt

Jackson Lindley -- Green Belt

Elise Lindley -- Green Belt

Eowyn Lindley -- Green Belt

Tristan Lindley -- Green Belt

Ben Lindley -- Green Belt

Maddox Cooper -- Green Belt

Dayton Brattin -- Green Belt

Jacob Hudson -- High Green Belt

Gabriela Groomer -- High Green Belt

Noah Driskell -- High Green Belt

Isaiah Hall -- Blue Belt

Lydia Cupps -- Blue Belt

Graham Hudson -- High Blue Belt

Amber Davis -- High Blue Belt

Anna Ruiz -- High Blue Belt

Maggie Ruiz -- High Blue Belt

Maria Ruiz -- High Blue Belt

Hannah Driskell -- Purple Belt

Jackson Ray -- Purple Belt

Jeremiah Hall -- High Purple Belt

Luis Groomer -- High Purple Belt

Alejandro Groomer -- Brown Belt

Sadie Akers -- Brown Belt

Jonethan Miller -- Red Belt

Four individuals were awarded black belts and they are as follows:

Jaymen Dewitt -- Black Belt Status (1st level)

Akhilleus Arguelles -- Jr Black Belt Status (1st level)

HD Essley -- MMA Black Belt

Ernest Freeman -- MMA Black Belt

Several students received special recognition for their outstanding effort and contribution to the martial arts program. They are as follows:

Student Leader Award: Jackson Ray, Jeremiah Hall, Andrew Gray, and Sadie Akers

Junior Instructor Award: Akhilleus Arguelles

Assistant Instructor Award: William Freeman, Katherine Akers, and Jaymen Dewitt

Instructor Award: Max Akers and Lee Parsons

Little Dragons Class Student of the Year: Spencer Essary

Kids Class Student of the Year: Amber Davis and Jackson Ray

Adults Class Student of the Year: Jaymen Dewitt

Jiu Jitsu/Kickboxing Student of the Year: Truman Burbridge

Clark Freeman Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award (for outstanding dedication and hard work): Hannah Driskell

RWTB Hall of Fame: HD Essley

"It was a great year," said Freeman. "Our longevity in Cassville would not have been possible without the support, hard work, and dedication of all the student who take lessons, the parents or grandparents that bring them, and the instructors who pour their hearts and souls into this thing. Our student base is as large now than it has ever been. With all the new programs and changes we are making, we are really looking forward to 2017."

For more information about martial arts lessons at the RWTB Family Martial Arts Center, people may stop by their studio at 601 Main St. or call 417-847-1415.