Bob Mitchell: Off the spike for January

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This time of the year is an appropriate time to once again clean off "the spike" that is holding notes and reminders for some time during preceding months.

The spike is a holdover from old-time newspaper days when the tools were hung at various locations throughout the plant for necessary jobs that had to be accomplished in the future. There might even be a couple of up-to-date comments as well.

Novel stop sign


We spent New Year's at Branson and were joined by Chuck and Melva Peterson, builders of the original McDonald's in Cassville, for several rounds of bridge. Actually, we never did leave the condo during the Friday through Monday outing. Choices of activities this time of the year there aren't that available, so the card sessions, and a lot of good food the gals provided were adequate.

What really attracted our attention was at the turnoff from the main route was a stop sign that was highlighted by blinking lights. Then, at the intersection was another large stop light and immediately below was a smaller one that told you, "Stop, Really." So there was obviously no reason in the world not to stop.

The attraction of this signage proved that Branson obviously has someone in city government with either a sense of humor or some knowledge of how to attract attention at an obviously busy intersection.

Our new Congress

According to news accounts, our weighted majority in Congress jumped right on the people's right to know what is going on in Washington their first day in session.

With the majority in their hands, members immediately voted to virtually do away with their ethics committee and regulations by reducing what the group might do with regulations and reports of what was going on in the processes that make our laws. If this move, which was later withdrawn when the proposal leaked out to the public and news media, is any indication of what we are in for in coming months, the public is in for one heck of a ride, and that's putting it mildly!

Watch the Wildcats

During the coming months, if you have some time on your hands, there can be a Wildcat basketball game on your schedule. That's what happened with several folks over the holidays at the Southwest Tournament, an activity which was once held in Cassville, but later returned to Southwest.

Cassville's gals won first place in the holiday event and the boys brought the consolation trophy to the Wildcat display case. Naturally, and because of their accomplishment, the girls' addition will be considerably larger.

These teams and their coaches are putting forth a lot of effort for their programs and obviously deserve the support of fans through the remainder of their schedule.

Where did co-op go?

Coffee session talk recently turned to what might have happened to cooperation between organizations and communities that existed in the past. Several of those acts would put people together for the betterment of a project, or for the entertainment of a group.

The discussion was primarily about the one-time fishing tournament between Cassville and Shell Knob. The springtime event began with pairs in four boats, and grew to about anyone in either community who wanted to participate. This event hasn't been held for several years. It was one of the most community-binding events that was ever held in this area. The activity grew so large it was hard to handle, and some folks killed it when they would withdraw at the last minute, giving organizers headaches in trying to find replacements.

Over a period of years, Cassville won only one tournament, which resulted in other years Cassville treating the "Knobbers" with steak dinners and traveling trophies. When the competition turned to the Cassville Golf Course, the county seat boys got their time in the winner's circle.

Those were the days that might possibly never return.

I have to mention this

I would be completely remiss at this time if there was no mention of the 68th wedding anniversary that Sue and I quietly observed at home Jan. 3. Actually, after the Branson outing, we were satisfied to just be at home. It's been a good run over those years, and we've enjoyed many blessings God has provided for us!

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat.

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