Challengers file for local school boards

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cassville, Exeter, Southwest boards getting contested races in April 2017 elections

Election filings for local school boards and municipalities opened up Tuesday, and as of Wednesday, three local school boards will see contested races in the April 2017 elections.

One challenger has filed at the Cassville and Exeter districts, and two challengers filed at Southwest.

School boards

Cassville: Three seats are up for grabs in Cassville -- Becky Henningson, David Haddock and Jon Horner. All three have filed for reelection. Also filing to contest for a seat is Wade Hermansen.

The school board terms are three years in length. The board consists of seven members who live within the district.

Exeter: Incumbents Kerry Mattingly and Gary Stringer have filed, and incumbent Larry Meyer has not. Kelly Lee is challenging for a seat on the board.

Southwest: Three incumbents, Pete Rose, Albert Pendergraft and Ruth Henderson, are up for reelection in April. Henderson has refiled, while Rose and Pendergraft have not. Doug Henry and Terry Meek have filed to challenge in the race.

Wheaton: Incumbents Tony Ball and Lewis Royer have filed, and incumbent Joe Brattin has not. There are no challengers at this time.

Purdy: Three seats are open on the Purdy school board. Open positions are held by five-term incumbent Ronnie Veith, four-term incumbent Russ Neill, and Tammy Humphrey, who has served for one year, filling out the end of the term of Mike Bennett, who resigned. All three incumbents have filed, an challenger Trae Goetz has filed.


Cassville: Two council seats are up for grabs, with Jon Horner refiling in the north ward, and Cindy Carr yet to file in the south ward. Mayor Bill Shiveley has filed for reelection as well. There are no challengers at this time.

Exeter: The seats for Alderwoman Rhonda Scott in the south ward and Alderman Jim Morse in the north ward are open, as is Mayor Rusty Reed's seat. None have refiled, and there are no challengers at this time.

Seligman: West Ward Alderman Bob Hughes and Mayor Garry Thornton have filed for reelection. East Ward Alderman Ron Corn's seat is up for grabs, and he has not refiled. No challengers have filed at this time.

Washburn: Seats held by Jeremy Johnson in the west ward and Mary Roller in the east ward are open, as is Mayor John Tiedeman's seat. No one has filed at this time.

Wheaton: East ward incumbent Alderman Gary Bates has refiled, and he is being challenged by Stephen Holmes. In the west ward, incumbent Steve Wilkerson has yet to file, but challenger Alan Birchfield has.

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