Shiveley honored with Distinguished Service Award

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Service, accomplishments over 42-year career earn him nomination

Barry Electric Cooperative CEO Bill Shiveley was recently honored with the Distinguished Service Award by the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (AMEC) in St. Louis during the organization's annual meeting.

Based in Jefferson City, AMEC is a statewide service organization for Missouri's electric cooperatives.

Shiveley began working for the Co-op in 1974 as a digger, truck operator and lineman trainee, moving through the ranks to journeyman lineman, line superintendent and assistant manager before moving into his current position in 1991. As operations superintendent, he represented District 4 on the Job Training and Safety Committee, reviewing the safety manual and wiring handbook, suggesting life-saving changes.

He has served on many committees over the years, including AMEC's Executive Committee and as president of the AMEC board of directors from 2007-2009. During that term, he was known for starting board meetings with a prayer.

"I was very honored to get the award," Shiveley said. "It was given at the annual meeting where all of your peers are, so it was humbling and very honoring."

Shiveley was not aware he was going to receive the award.

"To me, it was a surprise," he said. "You're nominated by your peers but there are a lot of people in my mind that deserve the award. They give one to managers and one to directors each year at the annual meeting if they choose to."

Shiveley has contributed years of service to the local community, serving as chairman of Barry County's 911 board for five years, member and past director of the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce, member and past president of the Cassville Rotary Club, director of the First State Bank of Purdy, and two terms on the Cassville Board of Aldermen. He is currently in his third term as mayor of Cassville.

During the latter part of his career, Shiveley launched GoBEC to bring high-speed fiber optic internet service to members.

"That's one of the main reasons we've done this program," he said. "People have come to depend on the internet and having the availability of that service, and Barry County Electric Co-op has a reputation for providing good service and getting things back on quickly, and we're trying to carry that on over to the fiber optics portion of our services, too."

With 42 years of service to the Co-op in several positions from the ground up, Shiveley knows a thing or two about the electric industry and organizational management, but he could also teach lessons on commitment, longevity and service.

"It is a rare electric cooperative manager these days who can say he or she has 'climbed some,'" said Barry Hart, CEO of AMEC. "Bill Shiveley is one of those people who got his start climbing poles as an electric cooperative lineman. Despite his many accomplishments, he insists his greatest achievement was his marriage to Dianne for more than 49 hears and his two sons, Steve and Greg.

"Shiveley will be remembered as a tireless servant of his members and his community over a career that spanned 42 years."

As for his longevity, Shiveley feels serving others is one of the main ingredients in job satisfaction.

"I've always tried to be one that served other people and that's what I feel that Barry Electric is all about," he said. "We work for the members. They own the Co-op. You have to remember, you're working for the owners and other peoples' money when you do this, not yours. I feel very blessed to even be able to have a job there.

"I've got good coworkers and a good board. Coworkers see a need and they do it, you don't have to ask them. You hire good people then just let them do the job they're supposed to do, and the board has always been supportive when I've asked for things."

Shiveley plans to retire sometime in the next quarter of the new year.

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