Community Foundation awards $4,300 in grants

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
The Cassville Community Foundation recently announced the recipients of its annual grant awards. The foundation awarded $4,300 to eight local community organizations to help assist them with the funding of new or existing programs. Pictured are members from those organizations. In front row, from left are: Marlene Whitham, Cindy Puryear, Kamerin Newman and Kelsey Stringer. Second row: Brittany Farris, Mike McCracken (CCF president), Mary Cupps, Devon Forsythe, Dove Haney, Millard Andrews, Jill LeCompte and Jimmie Barton. Third row: Michelle Bredeson, Landon Fletcher, Chuck Miner, Dan Angel, Rick Ragsdale, Dennis Baker, Angela Seymour, Jerry Marple and Alice Wingo (Springfield Community Foundation of the Ozarks representative). Contributed photo

Board plans future meeting to discuss new endowment programs

The Cassville Community Foundation (CCF) recently announced the recipients of its annual grant awards.

Landon Fletcher, previous president and current Foundation board member, provided the names of the following non-profit organizations chosen to receive the grants, along with the award amounts and the specific items or programs the funds will be used for.

* Cassville school district, Bright Futures Program, $500

* Cassville school district, Positive Behavior Support program for the middle school, $250

* Barry County Genealogical and Historical Society, electrical repairs, $250

* Cassville YMCA, child and youth programs, $750

* Exeter school district, docudrama program supplies through the Exeter Team Leadership Program, $750

* Kornerstone Inc., car seats for infant transport, $300

* Recovery Resource, Inc., roofing materials, $500

* Cassville Fire Protection District, fire protection gear, $1,000

In total, the Foundation awarded $4,300 to support the local, community-based organizations.

"I think everyone was very deserving and the money went for very good causes," Fletcher said.

CCF was able to donate the money as a result of a 4 percent award from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO), which helps manage its funds.

"We're affiliated with the CFO, which tracks our donors and makes sure we're in compliance, and is and the entity where we get the award grant money," Fletcher said. "That's how we fulfill these local grants [in the community], from the 4 percent that we receive off those endowments.

"As an example, under the CCF, we have the Cassville Fund, and it has a little over $100K in it, so we're able to grant almost $5,000 [each year]. If a local individual wanted to leave us with $1 million, that would boost the amount we could give to nearly $40,000."

Looking to the future, Fletcher reported that the board is in the process of setting up a meeting to discuss, for the first time, the availability of programs for individuals wishing to set up endowment and legacy-type funds. There will also be opportunities to discuss giving to existing programs, he said.

"If you're a local individual and have a cause you want to support after you're gone, you can get that set up now so you can get that funded in the event of your death," he said.

Mike McCracken, Commerce bank president and current CCF president, said the meeting will prospectively take place after the new year.

"We have our board meeting in January, and we'll make a decision on when and where to have it," he said. "We haven't had an event like this before, and our plan is to invite other nonprofit organizations, some we're affiliated with, some not, and get everyone educated on the gift of giving and how they might set up endowment funds. Other communities have had these [programs] and found them to be very successful.

"We hope to make it an annual event to bring people together and learn about things we can be doing now to benefit our community going forward."

For more information about endowment programs or any other questions about the CCF, people may call McCracken at 417-847-4111.

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