New lampposts dedicated for betterment project

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Members of the Cassville Downtown Main Street Association and business community met to commemorate the new decorative lampposts being installed for the first time in the city's history along Main Street. Many individuals and businesses purchased lampposts to make the project a reality. Front row,: Carolyn Stacy, Allison Angel, Eva Watley, Cordelia Herrin, Kay Baker, Ann Lassiter, Jo Anne Ellis, Valerie Speer and Annette Henderson. Back row: Carolyn Bishop, Bob Bishop, Chad Johnson, Chloe Epperly, Bob Allen, Mike McCracken, Jeremy Marple, David Sater and Phil Hutchens. Cassville Main Street board members include: Carolyn Bishop, Susie Jacobs, Carolyn Hunter Burford, Allison Angel, Valerie Speer, Carolyn Stacy, Eva Watley and Chad Johnson. Julia Kilmer/

Community members beautify Main Street

The Cassville Downtown Main Street Association and Barry Electric have been busy installing new decorative lampposts along Main Street as part of the downtown betterment project.

The Association met Thursday with several members of the business community to commemorate the installation of the new posts and thanked Barry Electric for offering their services to install each of the 18 poles, working around Branco and MoDOT in conjunction with the ongoing sidewalk replacement project.

According to Bishop, the lampposts are time-period correct.

"They are historically correct based on communities of our age of buildings, and that information was obtained from the DREAM initiative, as well as the lighting companies who understand historically-correct items," she said.

Cassville has had lampposts around the square, but never along Main Street in the city's history.

Individuals and businesses donating funds for lampposts installed along Main Street include Terri Lynn DeGraffenreid Brattin, Hutchens Construction (two poles), Commerce Bank, Willis Insurance, Representative Scott Fitzpatrick, Senator David Sater, Ellis Cupps and Cole (two poles), Nations' Family (two poles), Bob and Carolyn Bishop, Kay Baker and Ann Lassiter and Tomblin's Jewelry. Those donating poles that will be installed around the courthouse soon include: Stan Melton (two poles), Jo Anne Ellis and Mike Carr. Installment of the posts around the courthouse are expected to begin in the near future, and light fixtures for all poles should be received by Jan. 15, 2017.

Commemorative plaques will be placed on each pole on behalf of the individual or business for whom the poles were purchased. The new posts are made of concrete, which are expected to last a lifetime and require virtually no maintenance, compared to the current painted posts, which chip and peel over time and have had to be painted periodically.

Those lampposts will be repurposed, Bishop said.

"The lights currently around the courthouse have been replaced a number of times," she said. "We are going to repurpose them and the city will have a say as to where they are placed around the city."

Additional contributors to date for benches, trash receptacles and banners include: Security Bank, First State Bank, Freedom Bank, Arvest Bank and Gary Fields. Those items will also have commemorative plaques attached bearing the names of contributors.

Completion of the downtown project including the sidewalks, benches, trash receptacles and lampposts is targeted on or before March 31, 2017.

The posts are one of the first phases of improvements to be made to the downtown area.

"This was a big undertaking," Bishop said. "The posts enhance the overall appearance of the downtown area. The biggest thing I hear from people is how exciting that we're moving the downtown area forward. We're doing something to improve the downtown area to improve its looks.

"The sidewalks alone are huge, and the lampposts and lighting are really going to give it that 'aha' moment. We are already talking about decorating the poles with wreathes or lights around the poles next year."

Contributions for benches and trash receptacles and banners can still be made by contacting Bishop at 417-846-3850 or by email at Commemorative plaques will be attached bearing the name of the contributor.

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