Wildcats shown respect in Big 8

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
River Phelps led the way for the Wildcats on the Big 8 All-Conference team with two First Team awards. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

Cassville gridders earn 14 All-Conference spots

Respect is shown in many different forms, and the Cassville football team earned it this week with 14 selections to the Big 8 All-Conference teams.

Gathering First Team accolades for the Wildcats were River Phelps as a running back and kicker. Devin Phelps was honored for his offensive tackle play and role as a defensive tackle. Gilbert Medina made the cut as a linebacker.

Kyle Ruark was one of 12 Wildcat football players to earn 14 spots on the Big 8 All-Conference football squad. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

On the Second Team, Cassville landed Hunter Bailey, guard; Steven Hunter, defensive end; Troy Rose, defensive back; and Garrett Knight, defensive back on the list.

Receiving Honorable Mention accolades were: Kyle Ruark, running back; Austin Sanders, tight end; Riley Fletcher, guard; Jesus Perez, center; and Zack Burton, defensive end.

The complete list is as follows:

Offensive Player Of The Year: Luke Hardman, Lamar

Defensive Player Of The Year: Cooper Lucas, Lamar

Coach Of The Year: Scott Bailey, Lamar

First Team offense

Quarterback: Garrett Hadlock, Mount Vernon

Running back: River Phelps, Cassville

Running back: Luke Hardman, Lamar

Running back: Michael Branch, Monett

Wide receiver: Jarrett Massie, Mount Vernon

Wide receiver: Andrew Montemayor, Mount Vernon

Wide receiver: Brian Parra-Navarro, Monett

Tight end: Alex Turner, Monett

Offensive tackle: Kurran Bartkoski, Monett

Offensive tackle: Devin Phelps, Cassville

Offensive guard: Sam Buzzard, Lamar

Offensive guard: Kyler Overstreet, Lamar

Center: Angel Contreras, Lamar

All Purpose Back: Matt Whyman, Lamar

Kicker: River Phelps, Cassville

Kicker: Jayden Buttram, Mount Vernon

Kicker: Cameron Cody, Monett

First Team defense

Defensive end: Alex Turner, Monett

Defensive end: Cooper Lucas, Lamar

Defensive tackle: Kendall Morrow, Lamar

Defensive tackle: Devin Phelps, Cassville

Linebacker: Hunter Gepner, Lamar

Linebacker: Onis Howard, Monett

Linebacker: Lance Hymer, Seneca

Linebacker: Gilbert Medina, Cassville

Linebacker: Michael Danner, Lamar

Defensive back: Anthony Wilkerson, Lamar

Defensive back: Tanner Phipps, Lamar

Defensive back: Trey Mooney, Lamar

Defensive back: Mason Swearingen, Monett

Return Specialist: Andrew Montemayor, Mount Vernon

Punter: Peyton Barton, McDonald County

Second Team offense

Quarterback: Ian Meyer, Monett

Running back: Sammy Robinson, Mount Vernon

Running back: Spencer Brattin, Seneca

Running back: Cooper Lucas, Lamar

Wide receiver: Cole Delosantos, McDonald County

Wide receiver: Brody Crawford, Monett

Wide receiver: Clayton Dunning, Aurora

Tight end: T. W. Ayers, Lamar

Offensive tackle: Hayden Bartholomew, Lamar

Offensive tackle: James Lee, Mount Vernon

Offensive guard: Hunter Bailey, Cassville

Offensive guard: Coy Butterworth, Monett

Center: Shane Lester, Mount Vernon

Center: Colton Wilson, Seneca

All-Purpose Back: Mason Swearingen, Monett

Second Team defense

Defensive end: Cayden Heisner, Mount Vernon

Defensive end: Steven Hunter, Cassville

Defensive tackle: Cameron Linch, East Newton

Defensive tackle: Angel Villalta, Monett

Linebacker: Coleman Booker, East Newton

Linebacker: Travis Bailey, Lamar

Linebacker: Michael Branch, Monett

Linebacker: Will Boswell, Mount Vernon

Defensive back: Troy Rose, Cassville

Defensive back: Derek Burr, Seneca

Defensive back: Brian Parra-Navarro, Monett

Defensive back: Andrew Montemayor, Mount Vernon

Defensive back: Garrett Knight, Cassville

Return Specialist: Chance Liveoak, East Newton

Punter: Spencer Brattin, Seneca

Honorable Mention offense

Quarterback: Stuart McKarus, Lamar

Running back: Kyle Ruark, Cassville

Running back: Brandon Jordan, East Newton

Running back: Israel Desantiago, McDonald County

Wide receiver: Zach Dunnam, Seneca

Wide receiver: Oakley Roessler, McDonald County

Wide receiver: Chance Fenton, Mount Vernon

Tight end: Austin Sanders, Cassville

Offensive tackle: Aiden Brown, Monett

Offensive tackle: Caleb Gouge, Lamar

Offensive guard: Carson Drake, Mount Vernon

Offensive guard: Riley Fletcher, Cassville

Offensive guard: Adam Long, Monett

Center: Jesus Perez, Cassville

All-Purpose Back: Chance Liveoak, East Newton

Honorable Mention defense

Defensive end: Zach Burton, Cassville

Defensive end: Coy Butterworth, Monett

Defensive end: Gavin Dunnam, Seneca

Defensive tackle: Carson Dake, Mount Vernon

Defensive tackle: Chance Wallace, Seneca

Linebacker: Israel Desantiago, McDonald County

Linebacker: Jake Will, McDonald County

Linebacker: Sammy Robinson, Mount Vernon

Linebacker: Connor Savage, Aurora

Defensive back: Brett Pendergraft, East Newton

Defensive back: Cole Delosantos, McDonald County

Defensive back: Brody Crawford, Monett

Defensive back: Dustin Hearne, Mount Vernon

Return Specialist: Cole Delosantos, McDonald County

Punter: Garrett Hadlock, Mount Vernon

Lamar's Will Jefferies was also credited with a special mention.

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