CoxHealth Center in Cassville now offering women prenatal medical care

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CoxHealth Center Cassville is pleased to welcome Drs. Ronda Azelton, Elizabeth Lucore, Blaine Levy and Justin Nowlin, to their healthcare team. The physicians from Family Practice and Obstetrics of Monett will offer prenatal medical care in Cassville, beginning Friday, Nov. 4.

The prenatal medical clinic will be offered on Fridays only, and the four physicians will each take a turn seeing patients.

"As CoxHealth works to recruit physicians to CoxHealth Center Cassville, we hope our prenatal clinic will help people to think of Cassville as their medical home again," said Dr. Elizabeth Lucore. "We're very excited to go where our patients are."


The physicians at Family Practice and Obstetrics of Monett will provide care for expectant mothers through their entire pregnancy--starting with new OB appointments through postpartum visits.

Dr. Ronda Azelton said she also looks forward to seeing patients in Cassville, then they can come to Cox Monett to deliver.

"We want our patients to have easy access to high quality prenatal care," Dr. Azelton said. "Our patients have told us that it can be a financial burden to drive to Monett, so we want to take away that barrier because good prenatal care increases the health of both mom and baby."


Expectant parents are invited to visit to register for classes, schedule a tour of Family Beginnings-Monett, or download a free Baby Beginning app, which provides information about pregnancy, labor and newborn care.

CoxHealth Center Cassville is located at 75 Smithson Drive.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 417-354-1500.