DEA collects 294,786 drugs in 2016 take back events

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On behalf of the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Cassville City Police Department recently announced totals for drug take-backs during collection events by region and state.

The DEA reported that in 2016, a total of 294,786 drug prescriptions were collected. With 44,285 drugs collected in April 2016, compared to 36,125 in September 2016.

Cassville Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr reported numbers were down slightly, but holding steady over the long haul.

Indeed, as since 2010, the number of drug prescriptions collected at the bi-annual events have risen dramatically, from an initial 5,156 collected in September 2010, to 12,592 in April 2011, to 17,208 in September 2012, and more than doubling to 40,240 in September 2015.

The next collection event is tentatively scheduled for April 2017.