Regal-Beloit recognizes perfect attendance workers

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Regal-Beloit associates were recently recognized and rewarded for achieving perfect attendance for the fiscal year. To honor their dedication and success, each of the 56 associates recognized received $100 and a certificate of appreciation, which was presented by Michael Atwood, plant manager, and Jack Forgey, operations leader. The larger group includes first-shift associates; the smaller group, second shift associates. Names include everyone in both pictures, including associates who were absent for the celebration. A representative of the company said they felt fortunate to have such a large group of associates who make the effort to achieve such a high standard of attendance. Pictured (in both photos) are the following associates: Michael Adams, Peggy Andrews, Terry Bouzek, Patsy Boyd, Keith Brown, Mary Carlson, Juan Cervantes-Gomez, Kervyn Cook, Les Cooper, Jackie Craig, Ernest L. Criswell, Loyd Dowell, Rick Edie, Tommie Fielding, Jonathan Fink, Arthur Fletcher, Julie Fletcher, Robert L. Fletcher, James Galardo, Everett Garland, Anthony Gianino, Larry Greek, David Hadlow, John Hill, Sherry Holloway, Justin Mason, Tamorah Miller, Gary Moore, Mickey Munday, Rick Mustain, Charles Nelson, Evelyn Nicholas, Federico Nunez, Jeffrey Patterson, Edgar Perez, Helen Pettengill, Linda Petty, Very Ray, John Renkoski, Yesenia Rivera, Tammy Robinson, Jose Rodriguez, Judy Rodriguez, Brian Rose, Laura Rose, Ronald Rose, Ronda Rose, Jerry Shrum, Frank Smith, Madonna Sparks, Paula Stockton, Charles Stults, Michael Swearingen, Allen Taylor and Bruce Williamson. Contributed photos