Davis still intending to vote for Trump

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ruark: No comment, everyone has own opinions

Recent news surrounding the U.S. presidential election has not seemed to sway Barry County's sheriff candidates in how they plan to vote for the nation's top office.


Former FBI Agent Gary Davis, R-Cassville, said his commitment to voting for Donald Trump is unchanged.

"I am voting for Mr. Trump because he is a person who, while pretty uncouth at times, sometimes engages his mouth before his brain and forgets he is talking to the press and not his friends in a locker room, has the best chance to go up there, learn and correct a lot of our problems.

"Hillary [Clinton] has been in and out of Washington, [D.C.], for 30 years and has not changed anything. An just a personal opinion -- I do not trust her. Had I done all she had [with regards to her emails], I would have at the very least lost my security clearances."

Barry County Deputy Justin "Dave" Ruark, D-Cassville, said he wished not to comment on his voting preference.


"I believe every person has an opinion, and those are personal opinions," he said. "I have mine, and to each their own."

In a previous Cassville Democrat article, Ruark said he could not support Clinton, and Trump is the lesser of two evils.

Trump recently came under fire for a hot microphone comments from 2005 in which he made lewd comments about women. Since then, women have come forward to claim Trump sexually assaulted them.

Davis and Ruark will face off in the Nov. 8 general election.

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