Fitzpatrick, Sater condemn Trump, will still vote for him

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lawmaker: Future of courts outweighs 'despicable' comments

Revelations about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's 2005 comments about women continue to send ripples through party leadership.


State Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick, R-Shell Knob, has been out of town at a friend's wedding last week and has not had the opportunity to speak to other party leaders. The chairman of the House budget committee, Fitzpatrick has nonetheless drawn his own conclusions about his party's nominee.

"What he said was absolutely despicable," Fitzpatrick said. "I think it's likely even more stupid things will be coming out before this is over.

"Personally, Donald Trump was not near the top of my list for Republican candidates. If you want to consider what he did and make way for another candidate at the top of the ticket, it would probably be in the best interest of the party and the country, although logistically, I don't know if that's even possible at this late date."

Fitzpatrick said the latest revelations will not change how he votes on Nov. 8.

"I have to look beyond the stupid things said in the past and look at what has been doing or what he will do," Fitzpatrick said. "The future of the country, especially the courts, will be shaped for probably a good chunk of my lifetime, depending on this election. I still choose to vote for Donald Trump.

"I think whoever wins is likely to be a one-term president. We'll get some better candidates next time."


State Sen. David Sater, R-Cassville, echoed Fitzpatrick's sentiments.

"Trump was not my first, second, third or maybe fourth choice for president," Sater said. "He is who we have.

"I abhor what he said. There's no excuse for it. I could expect it from an 18-year-old with hormones flying, but not a 50-some-year-old. He crossed the line."

Sater recalled seeing a rhetorical question in the media which asked, "There are 308 million people in the United States and these two are the best candidates we can come up with?"

"I agree with that," Sater said. "I would be OK with some candidates on the Democratic side, and some other Republicans, versus the two candidates we have now.

"I will vote for Donald Trump because of his policies on issues like the Supreme Court, religious liberties and Second Amendment gun rights. If it were not for those policies, I would not vote for him."

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