Cassville Municipal Court

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

* Steven Eric Walker, Aurora, no insurance, $150.50

* Tanner S. Williams, Cassville, disorderly conduct, fail to register vehicle, $500

* Jessie Clyde Wilson, Cassville, animal cruelty, $150

* David William Cape, fail to register vehicle, $50

* Jordyn Marie Delossantos, Cassville, fail to register vehicle, $50.50

* Margaret Elizabeth Denn, Cassville, possession of drug paraphernalia, $150

* Shawn Joe Stringer, Cassville, two counts of failing to register vehicle, $200 total fines

* Patrick Joseph Booth, Cassville, fail to register vehicle, $50

* Kristjan Skylar Chaddock, Exeter, operate vehicle without a valid license, $150

* Terry Lee Purdom, Cassville, fail to obey traffic control, $50.50

* Travis Ronald Earl Ross, Washburn, possess drug paraphernalia, $150, disorderly conduct $150

* Royle Lynn Wiseley, Cassville, two counts of failing to secure child less than 8 years old in child restraint or booster seat, $200, possess marijuana, $100, possess drug paraphernalia, $100

* Kathryn Rae Brown, Wheaton, driving with revoked/suspended license, $250