City of Seligman updates board room

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Seligman city council members discuss city business in their newly-renovated, spacious boardroom. At table from left are: Brian Nichols, city clerk, Garry Thornton, mayor, east ward alderman Gerald Harling, east ward alderman, Michael Avers, west ward alderman, Ron Corn, east ward alderman and Robert Hughes, west ward alderman. In the audience is Alan Nichols, new maintenance supervisor. Julia Kilmer/

Renovations expand room, cost city $4,500

The city of Seligman has begun using its newly renovated boardroom, which is significantly larger, offers more seating and has an updated look and wall-to-wall carpeting.

The room is located on the south end of city hall building. Cost for renovations and updates came in at approximately $4,500.

"The majority of that expense was the carpet," said Brian Nichols, city clerk.

The remainder of the costs included paint, wainscoting and wall work. While there are still a few finishing touches to be made, the room, which is also used for municipal court proceedings, is now functional.

The now-20-by-35-foot room provides much space than where the council previously met in the old library.

"We were overcrowded in the other room, so we needed to provide ample seating for everyone, and with the completion of this room, we have at least tripled the size," Nichols said. "We were limited to about 25-30 seats in the old room, and now have enough for 90-plus seats."

The city had plenty of helping hands, saving on what could have been expensive labor costs, and Nichols, aldermen and Mayor Garry Thornton are building a new conference table for the room.

"We had a lot of community service help," said Nichols, who, along with other employees, assisted with tasks like painting and wall work to get the job done.

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