Monett, Seligman see August sales tax gains

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Month marks 5th time Monett has topped 2015 figures

After a drop in sales tax revenues in July, revenues in August jumped up for Barry County and some cities, though the increases appeared limited to only a few recipients, like Monett.

In Barry County, only two of the seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax topped last August's totals. Monett's general fund and capital improvements tax revenues gained $45,000, while all the cities combined showed a gain of $31,388, or 8 percent more, when comparing the same taxes collected a year ago. The Barry County cities generated a total of $475,759.61, including the new Monett transportation tax.

Monett's two sales taxes, totaling 1 percent for general bills, generated $145,664.95 in August. Up $30,362.28 from last August, the sum made up almost two-thirds of the drop in July with the biggest August total on record. It was the fifth time the tally topped the 2015 numbers. The five-month fiscal year total is running ahead of last year by more than $24,000, up by 3 percent. The 2016 total has topped last year's pace by more than $24,000.

Monett's new half-percent sales tax for transportation purposes reached full level of payout after three months. After four months, the tax has produced $230,483.32.

The only other town showing gains was Seligman, whose 1-percent general fund tax generated $7,949.82, up $311.98. Seligman's four taxes shows a combined gain of $701.68 from last August.

Cassville's 1-percent general fund tax yielded $64,847.05, down $3,847.18, down for the third time in four months.

Wheaton's 1-percent tax produced $2,097.57, down by $1,790.85 or 46 percent from last August. Washburn's 1-percent tax produced $1,087.25, down $1,059.89 from last August. Exeter's 1-percent tax generated $1,624.39, down $236.78.

The countywide taxes showed gains in Barry County, because of Monett. The county's two half-percent sales taxes each produced $154,360, up by more than $14,230 over last August. So far in 2016, each tax has generated more than $1,331,200, a gain of over $46,000.

More typical was the performance in Purdy, where the city's 1-percent sales tax for the general fund produced $4,038.04, a drop of $1,186.80, or more than 22 percent. It was the smallest August total in five years, the fourth drop compared to a year ago in five months.

Purdy's two-month fiscal year total is less than half the amount from last year. The 2016 general fund sum is down by nearly $10,000, or 20 percent.

The tax supporting Barry County's 911 system generated $115,640.04 in August, up $11,017.83 from a year ago. The tax has produced $1,000,071.99 in eight months, up 4 percent from last year's pace.

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