Cupps supports Trump, Hendrix undecided

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Challenger supports Blunt; Democratic incumbent mum on state races

Barry County Southern Commissioner candidates, incumbent Wayne Hendrix, D-Cassville, and challenger Matt Cupps, R-Shell Knob, recently shared their thoughts on state and national candidates running for office, and how the political climate in Washington, D.C., will ultimately affect residents of southwest Missouri.

Hendrix said he has not yet made up his mind as to which candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, will win his vote.

Cupps said he supported Donald Trump for president, but not because of the social aspects of Trump's life.

"I believe he will be better for business in this country," Cupps said. "And, that's what we need."

The U.S. Senate field is a crowded one, with six candidates vying for the win: Republican Roy Blunt, Democrat Jason Kander, Libertarian Jonathan Dine, Constitution Party candidate Fred Ryman, and write-in candidates Gina Bufe and Patrick Lee.

Cupps said Blunt has his vote.

"He's familiar with southwest Missouri and our values," Cupps said. "He understands the way we make a living here, and I appreciate that."

Hendrix refused to comment on the race.

With three candidates vying for Governor, Cupps said has yet to decide who will catch his vote in the race for Missouri Governor, former Navy Seal Eric Greitens, R-St. Louis; Attorney General Chris Koster, D-Jefferson City; or Cisse Spragins, L-Kansas City.

Hendrix again had no comment.

With Trump declaring his intention to close the borders, and Clinton's promise to open them wider, and the various other polar political shenanigans in Washington, D.C., could potentially have far-reaching effects, even to residents in southwest Missouri.

"I care about what's happening in Washington, D.C., but I'm not making any predictions right now," Hendrix said.

"That's why I support Donald," Cupps said. "Right now, on a daily basis, I deal with bureaucracy and how it typically results in increasing everyone's workload. That usually kills business, because business owners spend all their time jumping through hoops to stay within the law."

Voters will determine the next Barry County Southern Commissioner in the general election on Nov. 8.

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