Parents, children return to school routines

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Tammi Wilkes, Cassville Intermediate School art teacher, greets students as they get off the bus Friday morning. School resumed last week, so school children had a bit of a break with three days to get accustomed to their new morning school routine, before starting their first full week next week. Julia Kilmer/

Mornings can be an extremely busy time with traffic from parents dropping off their children to school.

Cassville teachers Shelby Long, intermediate school music teacher, and Janna Hightower, primary school Title 1 teacher, greet students as they get off the bus Friday morning. What many may not know is that, every morning, no matter the weather, teachers go out to meet school children when buses arrive and ensure they get inside the building safely. Another thing they do to keep children safe, especially the little ones, is put bus number stickers on students during the first week or so, to ensure they take the right bus each day and get home safely, until everyone learns their routines. Julia Kilmer/
A primary student adjusts his backpack as his mother walks him into the building Thursday morning, the second day of school for students in the Cassville school district. After a fun, unstructured summer, getting accustomed to early morning routines and schedules can be an adjustment for students, parents and teachers alike. Julia Kilmer/
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