Drop-and-Go event brings gets children familiar with class, teacher

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
New Cassville third-grade teacher Sheila Littlefield, left, helps student Kennedy Truman, 8, of Cassville, and her father, unpack and organize her school supplies during the Drop-and-Go event for parents and children to drop off supplies and meet the teacher. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com

The Drop-and-Go event was held for parents and children to drop off supplies and meet the teachers.

Parents, teachers and children congregate, and roam the hallways of the intermediate school, looking for the right classroom to drop off school supplies and find out who will be their new teacher for the next school year. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
Cassville third-grader Gwen Harmon personalizes her new locker in the hallway of the intermediate school, while parents and children roam the halls looking for the right classrooms and dropping off their school supplies at the Drop-and-Go event at the Cassville school district. One of the perks of entering third grade is getting your own locker. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
Parents complete paperwork and help students unpack school supplies in a third-grade classroom in the intermediate school during the Drop-and-Go event held at Cassville schools to help students be prepared for the first day of school. Julia Kilmer/reporter@cassville-democrat.com
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