Burbridge Family holds seventh bi-annual family reunion

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Burbridge Family held its seventh bi-annual family reunion in July at Fairview Church in Shell Knob.

At the event, 76 family members enjoyed a slide-show, door prizes, and a catered dinner provided by Zanetta Campbell and Karlton Burbridge.

The following family members were in attendance:

From Aurora, Jim Burbridge, Betty Fisher, Shawn and Theresa Darst with Madison, and Garrett and Anna Roney with Emma and Evan, Leon and Freda Ray.

From Greenfield, Salina Wheeler.

From Cassville, Steve and Tracy Roney with Kelsey, Dollie Owens, Donna Blankenship, William and Sue Duncan, Paul Cornell, Karty Burbridge with Kyle, Herbert and Barbara Burbridge, Karlton Burbridge with Pazlee, Zanetta Campbell, Kirkland Burbridge with Truman, Johnny and Captola Cowels, Christine Pendleton with Jeremiah.

From Purdy, Kecia Robbins with Kenzie.

From Washburn, Tim and Jo Varner.

From Shell Knob, Cody and Kristina Blankenship.

From Exeter, Donnie and Karen Brattin.

From Jenkins, Freddie and Carolyn Blankenship.

From Monett, Paul and Karla Payton with Vaughn.

From Joplin, Victoria Ullum with Ava and Emma, and Scott Ford.

From Harrisburg, Rollie and Pat Burbridge, Greg Burbridge with Kaitlynn and Shane, Brad Burbridge with Abigail and Lindsey and Jamie Osdieck.

From Greenbrier, Ark., Randy and Jamie Burbridge with Haley and Cierra.

From Burlington, Iowa, Jerald Burbridge, Mark and Janelle Talley.

From Muscatine, Iowa, Jeff and Young Burbridge with Joshua, Jon, and Joseph.

From Robins, Iowa, Jon and Janet Burbridge with Austin and Rachel.

From Des Moines, Iowa, Brad Westpheling.

The next reunion will be held July 28, 2018.