In high-impact election, Monett has Barry County's lowest turnout

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cassville area outvotes Monett area by 431 ballots

Barry County's election on Tuesday drew 35.5 percent of the voters to the polls, resulting in 7,207 ballots cast, the third highest in the last 30 years behind 2004 and 2012.

The turnout showed a higher representation by residents in the southern part of the county, as the city of Monett had the lowest voter turnout of any precinct.

Looking at all ballots cast, regardless of party, Barry County Monettans only produced 630 votes. That represented less than 12 percent of the total number of registered voters. Combined with the two rural precincts, including Kings Prairie/Pleasant Ridge and rural Monett with Capps Creek, the Monett city and rural electorate generated 1,174 ballots, or 16 percent of the votes at stake.

In contrast, the city of Cassville produced a voter turnout of nearly 41 percent or 742 ballots. Combined with the rural Cassville vote, which generated a 42 percent turnout, the Cassville area represented 1,605 ballots or 22 percent of the votes at stake, making the Cassville vote more strategic than the Monett vote.

Barry County Monett has roughly twice the population of Cassville and represents about 45 percent of the Barry County economy.

The Shell Knob and Purdy votes were nearly identical at 39.6 percent, 617 ballots in Shell Knob and 628 in Purdy.

Other polling places with exceptional turnout included Butterfield/McDonald at 39 percent (278 votes), Golden at 39 percent (311 votes), Exeter at 38 percent (432 votes), Jenkins at 37 percent (187 votes), and Wheaton at 35 percent (313 votes).

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