Residents enjoy 'down home' time at first cowboy picnic

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Johnny Lonestar entertained guests at the Central Crossing Senior Center's cowboy-themed picnic last Friday, wowing them with trick roping stunts. Contributed photo

Cowboys, cowpoke dessert and competitions indulge guests

Good food, good entertainment and good times were had at the Central Crossing Senior Center's first "cowboy" picnic last Friday.

Among the festivities were Bluegrass entertainment provided by The Turkey Mountain 3 band, and Branson performer and trick roper, Johnny Lonestar. In addition, several awards were roped in by guests for friendly, down-home competitions, including "Best-dressed Cowgirl," won by Myonza Kennedy, and a Watermelon Seed-Spitting contest, won by George Clute.

"The watermelon competition was intense, but in the end and undoubtedly after much practice, Clute took first place with a watermelon seed, which sailed 14 feet before coming in for a landing," said Jeff Harp, chief publicity officer for the center.

Jim McCarthy took second with a 10 and one half foot seed sailing, and Rita Goodhead took third at seven feet.

Crowds were also entertained by the fascinating, fast moves of Lonestar.

"Johnny Lonestar performed rope tricks, whips and fast gun swinging," Harp said.

Even dessert had a cowboy theme, with a "Cowpoke" treat served in a Mason jar consisting of layers of a brownie, whipped cream, chocolate mouse pudding and chocolate shavings.

The cowboy-themed picnic was the first of its kind to be held at the center.

"We were trying to come up with something different, and thought, 'Why don't we do a cowboy picnic?'" said Sara Patterson, center administrator.

"The idea was accepted quite nicely," Harp said. "It was neat to get Lonestar, the trick roper and gun swinger."

Patterson said that, in August, the center will have a salad day.

"Since it will be a hot month, we are planning to have a salad day, and that means for lunch the only thing(s) we'll have is salad. That could be a salad with chicken, coleslaw, or something like that, but everything will be salad."